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SellerApp’s Product Intelligence will help you make smart product decisions in a few clicks. Our accurate product data and sales estimates will keep you informed of the trends and changes.

How to find the feature

  • Log in to the SellerApp dashboard
  • Go to Product Intelligence > Overview

You can find a set of features that can help you analyze your listing. You need to add a product to get insights. Let’s look at the Overview section.

Product intelligence overview


The overview page offers you a 360-degree view of the product listing. The top section consists of the key metrics of the product.

SellerApp Product Intelligence

Opportunity Score: It estimates the sales potential of a product based on the metrics such as demand, competition, costs, profit margins, and more. Higher the opportunity score, the better the sales potential of a product. 

Keywords Tracked: It shows the number of keywords that you manually tracked for the listing. You can go to the Keyword Tracking feature to add more keywords to track. 

Listing Quality: On a scale of 0-100, it analyzes the desirability and discoverability factors of the listing. These factors include keywords, backend search terms, indexing, and fulfillment, etc. 

Search Visibility: It estimates the percentage of visibility the listing gets based on the organic positions of all the keywords tracked for the ASIN. So you need to track the keywords using the Keyword Tracking feature to analyze the search visibility. 

Search Visibility Graph


The graph shows the organic ranks of the product over time for the keywords tracked. If you don’t find the graph for certain keywords, it means the keywords are not indexed. Even if they are indexed, their organic ranks are above 250. 

FBA Fees

It shows the total Amazon FBA fees including referral and fulfillment fees. 


The total number of FBA and FBM sellers tagged on the same product page. 

Product Trends

This graph shows the product trends over a specific period. You can observe how the BSR, pricing, offers, revenue, and orders vary with time.

Next steps

Now that you know about the Product Intelligence overview section, let’s take a quick look at the other features within the Product Intelligence. 

Product Keyword

This feature helps you find relevant keywords in your listing title, bullet points, etc. Along with that, you will get insights into the search volume, CPC, and relevance score of the listing’s keywords. 

Keyword Tracking

Once you found the relevant high-volume keywords, you can track them to observe whether the keywords are indexed or not, along with the rankings and positions. You can also copy the keywords to optimize your advertising campaigns or download them for further analysis. 

Index Checker

The main purpose of the Index Checker is to check whether the backend search terms are indexed or not. All you have to do is copy the backend search terms from your Amazon Seller Central account and paste them into the box on the Index Checker page. Our algorithms analyze the indexed search terms and duplicates present in your listing. 

Listing Quality

This tool analyzes the quality of your listing and gives insights into how you can improve your listing. It majorly analyzes the discoverability and desirability factors that influence the ranking of your listing.

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