Seller Watch Overview

Whether you are opening up on Amazon or expanding your product offerings, competitor tracking is a very important and crucial aspect of Amazon Sales. You must stay spot-on to make your mark and become a top seller on Amazon. While browsing on Amazon, you’ll surely come across interesting products and sellers. Track Amazon sellers who are competing with you or launching new products in your category. Is the product a good bet? How dominant is the competition? What can you do better?

It is almost impossible to keep up with Amazon seller competition by manually tracking sellers. Seller Watch makes Amazon seller tracking very simple. Track any Amazon Seller and get detailed analytics on all their products.

Seller Watch performs the following functions with great ease.

  • Track multiple sellers at the same time.
  • Product tracking, track sales behavior, list the product line and its performance, estimate of daily unit sales and revenue
  • Set alerts and get notified when they change pricing, get a low/high rating, listing content quality goes low

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