Search Visibility for Listing Optimization

SellerApp also takes into account the search visibility of the product for calculating the listing quality score.

Search Visibility is a metric that estimates visibility of your product on Amazon for your keywords. The keywords tracked for the product are queried in Amazon and the search position for a period of time is considered to evaluate the search visibility of the product.

search visibility

How to increase the search visibility for my product?

  • If you haven’t tracked any keywords for your product, head over to Keyword Tracking and add the top keywords for your product. SellerApp takes into consideration the top 5 most related keywords to calculate the listing quality score. However, tracking keywords for a product equips you with the data of which keywords are the most searched and the search position and the page rank of your product for different keywords.
  • If your tracked keywords are not yielding you any results, find relevant and profitable keywords with SellerApp Keyword Research Tool.

Read the blog for a detailed explanation into finding the most profitable and relevant keywords for your Amazon product.

Amazon Keyword Research - A complete guide to increased search visibility

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