Increase Your Advertising Sales on Amazon
Increase Your Advertising Sales on Amazon

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Is fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) profitable for you? Or should you choose FBM for your Amazon products?

What can the Amazon FBA calculator do for you?

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Calculate Amazon FBA Fees

Calculate every Amazon selling fee for any product with the Amazon FBA fee calculator.

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Compare Fulfilment Modes

Not sure which is the best fulfillment choice for the product? Compare the best mode with the FBA calculator

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Analyze Product Profitability

Analyze the product with the Amazon revenue calculator to understand if the product has ample product margins

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SellerApp Tutorial

How to use Amazon FBA Calculator

How to use the Free Amazon FBA calculator?

Copy paste the product ASIN or the product URL from Amazon to the Amazon FBA calculator

SellerApp-tip ASIN is the 10-digit unique identifier associated with every product on Amazon.

Input the values for all the fields into the Amazon FBA calculator to start comparing the product profit and to learn the FBA fees

SellerApp-tip Hover over the field to understand each term

Is fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) profitable for you? Or should you choose FBM for your Amazon products?

Every Amazon Seller calculates his profits before and after launching his product on Amazon. For a profitable Amazon business, you’ll have to do a bit of research and calculations on your initial investments, cost price, marketing and other variable things like estimated sales, etc to understand your profits and profit margins.Let’s take a closer look and understand your Amazon Selling process and costs better.
  • Product Samples, product costs
  • Cost of goods
  • Marketing costs, product ads
  • Storage, warehousing costs
  • Shipping Costs
  • Product packing and labelling costs
  • Maintenance, Security
  • Amazon FBA fees
  • Shipping to Amazon
  • Referral and Closing fees

Merchant Fulfillment versus Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

  • Amazon FBM requires a firm hand on your selling responsibilities to manage things smoothly as well as make profits. Shipments and customer service must be well handled. Since FBA sellers get a better advantage over FBM sellers you might also have to lower your selling price to compete against FBA sellers with similar products to get the BuyBox advantage.

  • FBM gives you more flexibility and you are more inclined to build a diverse sustainable business on solid grounds. You have more inventory control, packaging and shipping control. Interact with your customers directly. FBM works best for products with lesser profit margins

  • Amazon FBA is great for new sellers who want to stand better in the competition by providing faster delivery and to get access to a much wider customer base, for high-volume sellers and for large and expensive products. Amazon FBA is very useful and gives amazing advantages like Prime eligibility, Buy Box advantages. Also free time to focus on strengthening your business

  • Amazon FBA isn’t free. It can eat up your profit margin if you don't calculate it right for the products you sell using FBA. FBA charges include fees for Order handling, Pick & pack, Outbound shipping, Weight handling, 30-day storage, Inbound shipping, Prep service.

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