Amazon Title Optimization

Amazon Title Optimization improves the search ranks as well as enhances the click-through rates. The title of your listing is one of the most important parts of your Amazon product listing. Make sure you include your main keywords here. The title has a good place in the Amazon SEO.

There are six critical components to make a compelling product description copy that sells

The first component, a descriptive Product Title.

Let’s break down the components of a selling product title

  1. Product Brand
  2. Product line
  3. Material / key ingredient
  4. Color
  5. Size
  6. Quantity

This is an example of a good product title

BOURINA (Product brand)
Reversible Bed Quilt Bedspread and Coverlet (product line)
90" x 90" (size)
Microfiber Comforter (Material)
Full/Queen (size )
Blue (color)

Generally speaking titles over 80 characters are preferred by Amazon. Going for extra long titles could also lead to the product listing being suppressed and is definitely not something that you would want. Also in the mobile app, titles get truncated if more than 80 characters. As long as you have your primary keyword visible in the title (check out this tool to find the best keywords for your product title), you will be relevant to shoppers no matter where they search. Having your important keywords in your title itself gives you an edge over your competitors.


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