Amazon Product Research Overview

Deciding on your Amazon product requires research and thorough analysis. You may need to perform a detailed product search by focusing on the criteria that brings you high profits as well as sales. And, then select the ones that fit the bill. 

Why is it important to do Product Research?

Product research helps you choose the best products to sell in the best possible niche. You need to spend adequate time to find profitable product ideas. By doing research, you can also decide on the perfect price to sell your items. It helps you know your customers and their pain points better. You can improve product features to stand apart from the crowd by taking hints from the reviews and suggestions for the existing products in the market. 

How SellerApp can help you with Product Research?

With SellerApp, you can shortlist products that you can profitably sell on Amazon. Base your product decision on critical data like the sales volume, demand, sales, market trends.

amazon product research

Go to SellerApp dashboard, and select Product Research. You can choose from the use cases or use the standard filters to find the products ideas.

product tracking

You can see the products against critical metrics and analyze if they are profitable or not. Product Research helps you drill down the product ideas you have narrowed down. If you have no clue as to what product to research about. You must first get a Product Idea.

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