Amazon Index Checker – Detailed Guide

Amazon provides sellers the option of entering search terms in the backend of the listing to enhance the discoverability of your Amazon product.

Where to find backend search terms in my Seller Central account?

Never neglect to optimize your backend keywords. Though they are not visible on-page, they bring in more traffic. Checking the indexing information for your backend keywords ensures that your backend keywords are equally optimized as your on-page keywords.

How to check Indexing of Keywords on Amazon?

It’s pretty simple. The first step is to copy the ASIN:

First, go to the product detail page Once you land on the page, go to the URL and locate the 10-digit ASIN.

Alternatively, you can find it in the Product Information section as well. For our example, we’ll use a Charcoal Grill with ASIN - B00MKB5TXA

Now, navigate to the search bar and paste the ASIN and then the keyword. To get the indexing information for a product, enter “ASIN keyword” "B00MKB5TXA barbeque" into the search bar and hit enter.

If it is indexed, the browse page will display the product, but it could be in any row of the search results.

If it isn’t, then the search term is not indexed for the product.

You can use this method on any product on Amazon. However, it is tedious and time-consuming to apply for a larger set of keywords. You can use SellerApp's Index Checker to automate this process for you

How to use the Amazon Index Checker

  1. Go to your Seller Central Account
  2. Copy the backend search term.
  3. Paste them in the Amazon Index checker

The Amazon Index Checker displays whether the keywords are indexed or not.

Suggested Tool : Amazon keyword index checker

What does the status mean?

Indexed– Amazon has associated these keywords with the product. An Amazon search of the keyword will display the product in the search results.
Non indexed– The product is not indexed/associated by Amazon with the keyword. A search using that particular keyword does not include your product in the results.

What to do next?

It is not really great if your product is indexed for a particular keyword but does not come anywhere in the first few pages of the search results. Once you get the keywords that are getting indexed from your backend search term, add them to Keyword Tracking to understand the search rank and the PageRank.

If you find too many keywords that are not getting indexed, you can tackle the issue in two ways and fix it.

  • Go back to Keyword Research. Find relevant keywords for your product that have a good search volume and are not yet included in your product listing or backend terms.
  • Dig your competitor’s keywords. Find products that are similar to your product with Product Research. Add them to tracked products to find product keywords. Shortlist the ones that have great search volume and are relevant to be added to your backend.

Free Tool

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