SellerApp Product Overview

SellerApp is for all kinds of Amazon Sellers. Whether you are starting out to sell on Amazon and looking for a product to sell or expanding your product line. SellerApp will help hike your Amazon business.

Looking to improve your organic ranking?

If you are lagging in sales due to bad Amazon SEO, start it with Keyword Research. Track the performance of your current keywords. Analyze the performance of your search terms with the Index Checker

Keyword Research - Discover new, proven keyword opportunities that convert to sales. Our Keyword Research tool even gives you product ideas.

Keyword Tracking - Identify the keywords that are bringing you sales and the ones that are not. Automate hours of manual work required to find out if your keywords are indexed or not, the position in a search and its page rank. Even analyse your competitor's keywords similarly.

Index Checker -  How well are your backend search terms helping you in bringing sales. Check the indexing information of the backend terms.

Product Keywords - Relevant keywords to your Amazon Product that will bring the best sales and increase your search visibility. Filter between the best suggested Amazon  suggested keywords, trending keywords, etc

Find your first Amazon product or your next Best Seller product.

Expand your product line with SellerApp Product Research, Product Ideas. Even find your manufacturer.

Product Research - Sift through hundreds of products queried at real time. Find your next best Seller by filtering through various filters. Analyse the sales, market demand, revenue, and profits you could make.

Product Ideas - New Product Ideas from Amazon best sellers, products that are trending currently, hot new releases, even most wish - listed products!

Product Source - Find the best manufacturer for your Amazon Product. Get connected to wholesale manufacturers for best quality products sourced at cheap rates.

Spy your Competitors

Track Products - Smart Sellers keep track of their sales but also their competitors. Track products get insights into Amazon product sales, Customer Reviews, Ratings, Promotions, and Pricing.

Seller Watch - Track interesting and competitor sellers to track all their products. Get insights into the competition you are facing, their new product launches, business strategies, etc.

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Plans and Pricing

Keep a track of your Amazon Sales and Profits

Amazon Portfolio -  Analytics for increasing the sales of your Amazon products at your fingertips. Comprehensive Amazon statistics in one single dashboard.

Stay on the top your game.

Keep a track of the quality of your Amazon listing. Plan your Amazon Strategies. Set Alerts.

LQI - Check your listing quality. Understand the listing techniques of your competitor products and sellers.

Business Alerts - Pricing alerts, product listing alerts, low inventory, rating alerts. Get notified on the activities of your competitors and even on your own events.

Promo Planner - Plan your Amazon sales and activities and keep a track of them with the promo planner.

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