Amazon PPC Campaign Manager Summary

Why do the PPC Ad KPIs matter?

By combining the data from the views (Impressions) and clicks(CTRs to the impressions) and the orders, you reveal the picture of how your product ad is looked at by potential Amazon shoppers. This data helps sellers allocate their ad budget and work the right metrics for better sales and Amazon optimization.

Here's an article about Amazon PPC and optimization best practices

Before you start off analyzing your campaigns, set the right stage and paint a broad picture of what your campaigns are going to attain. If you were to look at the goals from an outcome based goal, the goals would be

  1. Launching a new product, ranking for the main keywords
  2. Increase Sales aggressively / Breakeven optimization
  3. Increase sales cautiously / increasing organic ranks and the overall profits

Amazon PPC Campaign Manager Summary

The Campaign Manager gives you a quick look at the campaigns and the overall performance of each campaign. Analyze the profitability of a campaign and analyze the overall performance of the campaign by taking a look at the total Amazon PPC costs (To Calculate Amazon PPC ACos Cost Use this free tool), and the total sales brought in by the campaign.

Amazon PPC campaign manager

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