Amazon Keyword Tracking – Detailed Guide

We all know top rankings are key to sky-high sales and profits on Amazon and that is why it is very important to be on page 1 for your top keywords. You need to constantly know where your listings rank for their most important keywords so that you can take targeted action to maintain and improve them.

Keyword tracking ensures that you don’t lose your sales for your top keywords. Tracking also helps you decide the right pricing and PPC strategy to win the top ranking for your keywords.

Where to find this feature?
Login to SellerApp  > Dashboard > Product Intelligence > Keyword Tracking

By tracking your important keywords you can find out

  1. Page rank for each keyword, that is, which page of the Amazon search results, your product lies in
  2. Indexing information of your keyword, that is, whether or not your product gets displayed in the search results at all, for the keyword search
  3. The current position of your keyword in the Amazon SERPs
  4. The change in position of keywords in search results with information on keyword trends for a given time frame.

Keyword Tracking is especially useful if you are running Amazon advertising for organic visibility targeting specific keywords.

You can start tracking keywords from three different tools:

  1. From the Keyword Tracking page

Login to SellerApp  > Dashboard > Product Intelligence > Keyword Tracking

Begin tracking keywords by entering the ASIN or product name or by choosing from the drop-down menu.

2. From the Product Keywords page (right next to Keyword Tracking page), you can select the keywords by checking the box and clicking on Keyword Tracking

Dashboard > Product Intelligence > Product Keyword

3. From the Keyword Tool page that consists of the Keyword Research & Reverse ASIN pages, for finding new keywords for your product.

Dashboard > Keyword Tool > Keyword Research

Dashboard > Keyword Tool > Reverse ASIN

NOTE: For real-time data tracking and to get immediate results right after tracking new keywords, install and use SellerApp's Chrome Extension

Search Visibility

Search Visibility is a metric that estimates the visibility of your product for overall searches on Amazon. The percentage estimate of the search visibility depends on its average rank across a set of keywords in Amazon. The calculation takes all the keywords that are tracked for the product into consideration and these keywords are queried in Amazon to see where the product is visible.

NOTE: If your product's position is beyond 250 positions or beyond page 10, the keyword position will be blank in the graph

Dashboard > Product Intelligence > Overview


Indexing, Page Rank & Search Position

Indexed Keywords are the ones that Amazon identifies to be relevant to your product and associates them with your product. It means, whenever a buyer searches a keyword that is indexed for your product, your product listing gets displayed in the search results.

A keyword that is indexed for your product is either present on-page i.e. on the title/product description/bullet points or in your backend search terms.

Page Rank is the page in the Amazon search result where the product appears

Search Position is the exact position of the product on the Amazon search result page.

Additionally, for your backend search terms, you can also check out the Index Checker.

  1. Status column indicates whether or not a keyword is indexed
  2. Indexed Products column indicates the number of products indexed for that particular keyword.
  3. Page Rank of the product for that specific keyword
  4. Current Position is the current search position of the product for the keyword
  5. Position Change records keyword trends over a period of time from the date of tracking

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How to use this information?

  1. You can analyze the keywords that are working towards bringing you sales. Understand keywords that are not working in your favor.
  2. Find new keywords from the Keyword Research tool or the Product Keywords that will bring you better search visibility.

If you are tracking a competitor product, find keywords that are working the best for them. Try including the most relevant keywords in your product listing.

What to do next?

1. Optimize keywords in your product listing and focus on getting more sales and customer reviews to rank on page 1 gradually.
2. Head over to Amazon Keyword Research to get more profitable keywords for your product.

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