Product Insights

The Product Insights section gives you a deeper understanding of the activities you have performed for the tracked product. An overview of all the activities, insights and alerts that are set for the particular tracked product.

For each tracked Amazon product, you get new insights regarding the listing quality, product keywords, Amazon Backend keywords, tracked keywords, keyword research etc

The alert notifications sent to your mail can also be found  on the dashboard.

All these notification and alerts can be converted to useful tasks that will help you increase your sales and profits on Amazon.

For example.
When you have an insight regarding backend keywords. Add all the keywords in your backend search terms and check whether they are indexed or not.
Or when you have an insight regarding a surge in the LQI of a competitor product, check the LQI to understand what has improved since the last time you tracked their listing. Analyse the new changes in their product listing. If they are a valuable strategy, try implementing the same to your product listing as well.

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