Amazon Keyword Tracking Overview

A product that is in page 1 will have 3-10x the sales of a product that is in page 2. We all know top rankings are the key to sky high sales and profits on Amazon. So it is quite important to be on page 1 for your top keywords. You need to constantly know where your listings rank for their most important keywords, so that you can take targeted action to maintain and improve them.

Keyword tracking ensures that you don’t lose your sales for your top keywords. Tracking helps you decide the right pricing and PPC strategy to gain top ranking for the keywords.

Where to find this feature?

Login to SellerApp  > Dashboard > My Products > Tracked Products > Keyword Tracking

By tracking your important keywords you can find out the search rank for each keyword, and whether you are indexed or not for your keywords. Indexed means, whether or not your product gets displayed in the search results for an Amazon search with that keyword.
Keyword Tracking is especially useful if your product is experiencing low search visibility and low click through rates.

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