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How to Answer Customer Questions on Amazon

What are customer questions on Amazon
November 13, 2023 9 mins to read

An Amazon product listing page has several parts – title, description, bullet points, images, ratings, reviews, etc. Sellers are often advised to optimize every single one of these parts. However, one aspect of product listings that tends to get overlooked is the Customer Questions and Answers section.

This section is all about going the extra mile to provide customer support. It paves the way for you to win the trust of your buyers by providing additional product information in the form of answers to questions posed by buyers. 

Quick guide 

  1. Introduction 
  2. What are customer questions on Amazon? 
  3. Benefits of answering customer questions on Amazon listings
    • Adds value to your seller profile 
    • Serves as social proof 
    • Facilitates conversions 
    • They help you understand your products better – products’ strengths and weaknesses
    • Helps you provide additional information about your product
  4. Tips for answering questions on Amazon as a seller?
    • Be quick in answering the questions 
    • Provide brief but explanatory answers 
    • Be aware of what questions to answer and ignore 
    • Professionalism and politeness go a long way
  5. Final thoughts 

What are Customer Questions on Amazon?

Customer Questions also known as product questions or seller questions on Amazon are questions that customers can ask the seller about their product on the listing page. The Customer Questions and Answers section can be found towards the bottom of a product detail page.

When sellers create amazon product listings, they enter all the information relevant to their product in the description, bullet points, and title. Sometimes, that information isn’t enough and customers require more details in order to make a purchasing decision.

That is when they look to the Customer Questions and Answers section to obtain very specific and crucial product information like its functionality, uses, etc. Some examples of these types of questions could be – Does this phone case have a glossy or matte finish? Is there any warranty for the product? Does the pack include 8 pairs of gloves or just 8 gloves? etc. 

Customers can type out and post questions to sellers or go through the answers that are already provided. Answers too can be provided by either the seller himself or other customers who have purchased the same product. Every time someone posts a question, sellers will get notified via email so that the seller can promptly respond. When a question is answered, it will be displayed in the Q&A section of the listing for everyone to see. 

Benefits of answering customer questions on Amazon

Benefits of answering customer questions on Amazon

If you’re wondering why it is important for sellers to respond to product questions, here’s a list of reasons:

Adds value to your seller profile 

Answering customer questions on Amazon helps elevate your seller profile to a level where buyers will want to purchase your product because you seem reliable and proactive. This section allows sellers to exhibit how much knowledge they have of their own products.

Whether you are the manufacturer or just the seller, you need to have extensive knowledge about your product. Only then will you be able to market it and sell it. After all, if you cant answer questions about your product then who can? 

Showing prospective buyers that you have comprehensive knowledge of your product will inspire their confidence and reassure them that they are making a well-informed buying decision. It makes customers feel confident about you as a seller when they see that you are concerned about attending to and addressing customers’ questions.

In the world of scammers and fraudsters, and in the face of fierce competition, it is important to show your genuineness and expertise. This makes you appear as a reliable, trustworthy seller that buyers will want to make their first choice while comparing your brand to others.

Paves the way for more conversions 

As stated above, answering customer questions helps build customers’ trust and this means you can earn more conversions. A lot of times, sellers look at various products and compare their listings to a great extent before they make a choice. They may look at the price or the reviews or the content in the listings.

When everything seems pretty much the same across different listings for the same product, you need to have that one element that can give sellers that final push they need towards buying the product. That is exactly what these answers do. By providing all the answers, you can show how your product is a winning product compared to the rest and this automatically leads to more conversions. 

Understanding your product and listing’s strengths and weaknesses

Starting with your title and moving down to your bullet points and product description, you would have entered all of your product’s information. However, the Q&A section brings to light all of the information that customers are still searching for which you would have missed out on.

This section, therefore, helps you bridge the gap between what customers want and what’s missing. It may just be information that you have forgotten to include in your listing or it could even be factors related to your product itself.

While looking at very specific questions about your product you will come to understand your product itself better and make improvements accordingly and include the relevant information.

If you have answers to those questions, you can then include them in the listing copy so that it is as comprehensive as can be. This will help buyers in the future move straight ahead to make the purchase instead of pausing to get more satisfactory answers about the product. 

Tips for answering questions on Amazon as a seller

Often sellers arrive at the question of how to answer questions on Amazon as a seller. Here are some insightful tips on the best way to go about responding to them.

Be quick and prompt in answering questions

Being proactive and answering questions quickly shows that you’re not lax and negligent about your customers’ needs. When you receive a question, make sure to answer it as soon as you can. If a seller happens to overlook these questions and does not respond to them, it reflects poorly on the seller and will make him lose out on potential sales.

You are given a month’s time to answer these questions. However, it’s best to answer them within a 24-hour window as this gives you the chance to appeal to the customer before they forget or get impatient and move on to the next best variant of your product. Being prompt with your responses will inspire the customer to make the purchase thus earning you more conversions. 

Provide explanatory but brief answers

Clear and concise answers are key to winning your customers over in the Q&A section. Shoppers are looking for products and information with the intention of not having to spend too much time perusing things. Your answers need to be skimmable like the rest of your listing copy. Thus, you need to answer your customer questions briefly while also ensuring that you provide enough information.

Keep your answer length anywhere between 1-3 short sentences. Sometimes, questions may demand a simple Yes or No answer. However, it bodes well to provide a little additional information and adds value to your answers. For example, if a customer asks “Is this product microwave safe?” You can answer by saying “Yes, it is microwave safe as well as dishwasher safe”, instead of replying with a simple “Yes”. 

Be aware of what questions to ignore and what to answer 

Spamming is a common aspect of the digital world. In terms of Customer Questions and Answers too, sellers sometimes might receive spam, illogical, or irrelevant questions. While it is important to promptly answer customer questions, you also need to filter through them and pick only those questions that are worth answering for your listing.

Sometimes, even if the question is relevant, you may not have the right answer. In such instances, you either do your research properly and only then provide the answer or don’t answer at all. Don’t ever give out answers that in any way project that you possess half-baked knowledge about your own product.

Analyze your product properly, or obtain information from someone who knows the nitty-gritty details of your product better than you do. Only then should you provide a factual, consolidated answer to the question. 

Professionalism and politeness go a long way 

Another important point to keep in mind while answering customer questions is to maintain a sense of decorum. Your responses should always be polite, cordial, and understanding of your customers. This type of professionalism signifies that you’re a seller of high caliber offering quality products and automatically wins the trust of customers.

Refrain from sounding rude, or unprofessional in any way. You need to show them that you’re ready to offer them the help they need in order to make their purchase decision. Remember that you are representing your company or brand and you need to do everything in your power to preserve its image.

Shoppers scrolling through your listing will see and value the level of service and attention you pay to details. Therefore, be kind, helpful, and professional and show that you truly care about your customers’ needs. 

Final Thoughts 

Now that we have gone through everything there is to know about the Amazon Customer Questions and Answers section, you will remember to pay attention to this section as well next time while optimizing your listings. Quality customer service is of utmost importance to Amazon and this is one factor that will show Amazon that you intend to adhere to its high standards of customer service. Use the Q&A section the right way and to your advantage and watch how it can help you earn more conversions. 

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