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For FBA sellers, the profit margins start at sourcing. Your sourcing decisions decide the success of your Amazon business.

Sourcing products for cheaper price and selling them on Amazon is a strategy that is followed by most Amazon FBA sellers. Buy in bulk and at a cheaper price from wholesale manufacturers overseas to sell with high profits on Amazon. Other than that sourcing has other benefits too.

  • Reduction in costs, especially labor and manufacturing costs.
  • Access to fresh research, design, and specialized intellectual capital.
  • Availability of new technology and capacity. A number of companies source overseas because domestic suppliers lack the capacity and they’re not making necessary investments to stay competitive.
  • Quality
  • You can focus on the core process of marketing your product better and have the capital to invest in them.
  • Many profitable FBA private labels on Amazon source their product.

Where do I find SellerApp Product Source?
In the SellerApp dashboard, navigate to Tools > Product Source.

product source

Before you source, Research Top Amazon products and estimate their profits

  • Go to Product Research, type in your niche select the category, apply filters to find your next Amazon product
  • Go to Product Ideas, select between BSR movers, New Arrivals, Trending or even the most wish listed product!

Copy the ASIN and enter it the Amazon FBA calculator or the much easier Amazon FBA calculator Chrome plugin to find out your Amazon profits.

Enter the keywords and choose filters that are important to you.

amazon product source
amazon product source

You get a detailed list of suppliers from whom you can source your products. Also, you find the supplier history and information regarding the minimum order details, price range, and the response rate for the manufacturer.

amazon product sourcing

What to do next?

Your Amazon product will reach people only when you put up a good product listing. Observe the product listing of best selling products. You can find this under LQI of Tracked products category. Check out this guide on how to put up a product listing that sells.

Learn more about Amazon Product Listing.

A good product listing has value only when it reaches shoppers.  Include keywords which shoppers commonly search on Amazon. Reach more people by using keywords with a high search volume. Find the best keywords for your Amazon product with Keyword Research.

Free Tool

FBA Calculator

Amazon Reverse ASIN

Amazon Brand Registry

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