SellerApp Digest: Priming For Prime Day

Primed And Ready For New Opportunities

With Prime Day around the corner, we are bringing you some special content to help you conquer one of the biggest online shopping festivals in the world! Our team has put together a carefully curated list of strategies to help you maximize sales. 

But the opportunities don’t end there. With our new BPO reports, you can get all the data and insights you need to expand your business into the B2B domain. If you’re thinking about going international, we’ve got you covered there as well. GoGlobal 2021 was a celebration of globalized e-commerce. We brought together industry leaders and veterans to help you make a smooth transition. You don’t want to miss the action! 

Read on to stay informed about all the latest news about Amazon and SellerApp!

SellerApp Highlights

Introducing BPO reports

You can now download Business Product Opportunity (BPO) reports directly from SellerApp. Amazon’s B2B marketplace has steadily grown since its inception in 2015. With major Fortune 100 companies now buying from Amazon, you have a unique opportunity to expand your sales. 

Now, with BPO reports, you can identify and capitalize on this opportunity with B2B product recommendations tailored to your product portfolio. Discover products that major businesses want to buy!

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Prepping for Prime day

Prime Day just gets bigger and bigger. In 2020, Prime Day saw an estimated 45.2% increase in sales! However, the two-day shopping extravaganza is as hectic as it is profitable. It takes careful preparation and flawless execution to maximize your profits. So, how can you prepare for the most crucial two days of the year? 

Our checklist covers everything you need to do to prepare for Prime Day. It has step-by-step tips and strategies that you can deploy to outpace your competition.

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Handpicked Content For You

How to GoGlobal in 2021 

Amazon’s reach has spread across the world. The online retail giant has now firmly entrenched itself across continents. For third-party sellers, this presents a unique opportunity to expand their businesses beyond their national borders. 

GoGlobal 2021 focused on helping sellers take their business to the next level by tapping into this opportunity! We brought together industry leaders from four continents to help you navigate legal contours and localize your global business. Did you miss the live sessions? Don’t worry! You can watch all the sessions through our curated YouTube playlist!

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Amazon Updates

Restock limit by storage type

Your Amazon FBA products are no longer subject to ASIN-level storage limits. The online retail giant has introduced restock limits based on storage type: standard-size, oversize, clothing, or footwear.

Your new restock limits will be based on past as well as forecasted sales. 

You can view restock limits by storage type and maximum shipment quantity from Inventory performance or Shipping Queue. Irrespective of the restock limit (based on units), your inventory also has to stay within the allowed storage limit (based on volume).

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Update: Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Starting June 1, 2021, Amazon will roll out a few updates for Multi-Channel Fulfillment, including a small increase in fees

  • Amazon will be adding an option to block orders from being shipped by Amazon Logistics (5% surcharge). Starting June, you can block this shipping method at the account level or for individual orders.
  • Amazon is also adding a new size tier. The small standard size is items that are 2 oz or less. 
  • Amazon will be removing expedited and priority shipping speeds on large oversize and special oversize products.

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