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What can I do with SellerApp Freemium

SellerApp believes in empowering Amazon sellers of all sizes with powerful data analytics and tools to master and ace their seller game. Presenting – the SellerApp Freemium plan! Take a look at everything we have on offer for you and we can guarantee no other Amazon seller platform gets as good as this.  So what…

8 mins to read

Amazon Long-tail Keyword Strategy to Fuel Your PPC Campaigns

As advertising campaigns are scaling success more and more, using seed keywords has become more prevalent than before.  So including low-volume keywords and long-tail keywords has been imperative to effectively optimize your ad spend and boost your conversions.  In this blog post, let’s see why we need long-tail keywords and how you can improve your…

7 mins to read

How To Perform Keyword Research For Amazon Products?

We are aware that Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce retailers out there but what most of us don’t know is that it is a search engine and is subject to most algorithm rules just like Bing & Google subscribe to. Hence, it is important to know how to perform keyword research for Amazon…

21 mins to read

Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies For Explosive Sales: Seller Guide

It’s a widely acknowledged truth – six out of 10 Amazon sellers find themselves grappling with the intricacies of Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns. While setting up a campaign is a breeze, the real challenge lies in fine-tuning and optimizing it with each iteration to enhance visibility, efficiency, and overall performance on the platform. Unfortunately, many…

38 mins to read

Amazon SEO Guide: The Ultimate Amazon SEO Resource (Updated)

When a buyer arrives at Amazon, he/she has only one goal: buy a particular product. But the ultimate question is: who will he/she get it from? Now, if you want the answer to be “you,” it is important to comprehend how Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works in the current scenario and how to crack…

19 mins to read

Utilizing Amazon’s Generative AI for Optimized Product Listing

Amazon’s generative AI tool is a game-changer, offering sellers a new and innovative way to create product listings. This tool uses large language models to generate high-quality content based on a brief description or a few keywords provided by the seller.  Statistics show that effective product listings are crucial for success on Amazon. For instance,…

8 mins to read

A Definitive Guide on Amazon Search Term Optimization

Imagine investing thousands of dollars in Amazon Sponsored Product ads, eagerly expecting increased visibility and sales for your products, only to find your ads hidden in obscurity, failing to reach your target audience. This scenario is all too familiar for sellers who ignore the critical aspect of search term optimization in their ad campaigns.  Without…

15 mins to read

Amazon Account Audit: The Ultimate 10-Step Checklist

Imagine going through all the trouble to source a product and set up a business, only to see zero sales on Amazon or performance metrics not being met. However, this may be an easier fix than you think. All you need to do is conduct an Amazon account audit and address the issues one at…

22 mins to read

How to Sell Digital Products on Amazon

As the ecommerce landscape continues to evolve, selling digital products on Amazon has emerged as a lucrative opportunity for creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to reach a global audience and generate passive income. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of selling digital products on Amazon, from understanding the types of…

20 mins to read

7 Best Multichannel Listing Software in 2024

Have you ever wondered how certain brands managed to scale so quickly even when their share of voice in their category or even in the overall marketplace isn’t significantly high? It’s primarily because they followed an age-old adage: don’t put your eggs in one basket. By pivoting to multichannel selling, these brands have managed to…

16 mins to read