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What can I do with SellerApp Freemium

SellerApp believes in empowering Amazon sellers of all sizes with powerful data analytics and tools to master and ace their seller game. Presenting – the SellerApp Freemium plan! Take a look at everything we have on offer for you and we can guarantee no other Amazon seller platform gets as good as this.  So what…

8 mins to read

Amazon Long-tail Keyword Strategy to Fuel Your PPC Campaigns

As advertising campaigns are scaling success more and more, using seed keywords has become more prevalent than before.  So including low-volume keywords and long-tail keywords has been imperative to effectively optimize your ad spend and boost your conversions.  In this blog post, let’s see why we need long-tail keywords and how you can improve your…

7 mins to read

How To Perform Keyword Research For Amazon Products?

We are aware that Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce retailers out there but what most of us don’t know is that it is a search engine and is subject to most algorithm rules just like Bing & Google subscribe to. Hence, it is important to know how to perform keyword research for Amazon…

21 mins to read

What are the Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies for 2023 Sellers?

It is a well-known fact that six out of 10 Amazon sellers struggle with Amazon Sponsored Products Campaign. While creating and launching a campaign is easy, the real trick is to optimize it further with every iteration for improved visibility, efficiency, and performance in the marketplace. This is where most people end up making serious…

37 mins to read

Amazon SEO Guide: The Ultimate Amazon SEO Resource (Updated)

When a buyer arrives at Amazon, he/she has only one goal: buy a particular product. But the ultimate question is: who will he/she get it from? Now, if you want the answer to be “you,” it is important to comprehend how Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works in the current scenario and how to crack…

19 mins to read

An Overview of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Marketing

Imagine you’re at the starting line of a race, competing against world-class runners.  How do you ensure you’re the one who crosses the finish line first? You need a proper strategy! Similarly, for FMCG brands, there are multiple competitors flooding the market. On top of that, consumers in this space value affordability over anything else. …

13 mins to read

15 Essential Amazon Analytics Tools for Business Growth

Do you drive a car without checking the fuel gauge or looking at the road ahead? No, right?  Similarly, in the competitive landscape of Amazon, merely listing your products is like driving blindfolded.  To succeed, you must constantly keep track of your metrics, analyze what’s effective, and steer your strategies to increase sales.  Now, it’s…

11 mins to read

Amazon Marketing Stream: An Optimal Way to Analyzing Campaign Performance

When it comes to advertising, timing is everything. You want to show your ads to shoppers when they are most likely to buy your products.  For example, advertising on a raincoat during monsoon is more likely to get you sales than serving the same ad in summer. However, determining the optimal times to run your…

8 mins to read

Is Amazon Inventory Placement Service the Right Choice for the Sellers?

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, efficient inventory management can be the difference between success and stagnation.  Amazon provides a robust platform for businesses to reach a global audience, but it also presents unique inventory management hurdles.  These challenges include optimizing shipping costs, meeting customer delivery expectations, and handling fluctuations in demand, especially during peak…

10 mins to read

A Comprehensive Guide on Walmart Repricer

In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success.  As a seller on the Walmart marketplace, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is a Walmart Repricer.  This pricing software has transformed how online sellers manage pricing, enabling them to not only stay competitive but thrive…

11 mins to read