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What can I do with SellerApp Freemium

SellerApp believes in empowering Amazon sellers of all sizes with powerful data analytics and tools to master and ace their seller game. Presenting – the SellerApp Freemium plan! Take a look at everything we have on offer for you and we can guarantee no other Amazon seller platform gets as good as this.  So what…

8 mins to read

Amazon Long-tail Keyword Strategy to Fuel Your PPC Campaigns

As advertising campaigns are scaling success more and more, using seed keywords has become more prevalent than before.  So including low-volume keywords and long-tail keywords has been imperative to effectively optimize your ad spend and boost your conversions.  In this blog post, let’s see why we need long-tail keywords and how you can improve your…

7 mins to read

How To Perform Keyword Research For Amazon Products?

We are aware that Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce retailers out there but what most of us don’t know is that it is a search engine and is subject to most algorithm rules just like Bing & Google subscribe to. Hence, it is important to know how to perform keyword research for Amazon…

21 mins to read

Advanced Amazon PPC Strategies For Explosive Sales: Seller Guide

It’s a widely acknowledged truth – six out of 10 Amazon sellers find themselves grappling with the intricacies of Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns. While setting up a campaign is a breeze, the real challenge lies in fine-tuning and optimizing it with each iteration to enhance visibility, efficiency, and overall performance on the platform. Unfortunately, many…

38 mins to read

Amazon SEO Guide: The Ultimate Amazon SEO Resource (Updated)

When a buyer arrives at Amazon, he/she has only one goal: buy a particular product. But the ultimate question is: who will he/she get it from? Now, if you want the answer to be “you,” it is important to comprehend how Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works in the current scenario and how to crack…

19 mins to read

Navigating Amazon Add-On Items in 2024: Impact and Solutions

Has your product been slapped with a blue “Amazon Add-On Items” label? Unfortunately, being categorized as an Amazon add-on product may not be the badge of honor you hoped for as a seller. This seemingly beneficial label could seriously dent your sales if not handled correctly.  This post will walk you through Amazon’s add-on item…

11 mins to read

How to Sell on Amazon Without Inventory: A Guide for Amazon Sellers

Imagine running a successful online store without needing a warehouse. Sounds like a dream, right?  That dream can become a reality with inventory-free selling on Amazon. Gone are the days of stressing about storage space, packing orders, and shipping logistics. Inventory-free selling lets you tap into Amazon’s massive reach without the burden of holding physical…

12 mins to read

Show Me the Money – Unconventional Ways to Make Money on Amazon

Think of an endless aisle filled with products, customers ready to purchase with credit cards, and a system automatically taking care of delivery and logistics. Does that sound like retail heaven to you?  The retail utopia already exists, thanks to Amazon.  With over 197 million monthly site visitors and counting, Amazon has created a money-making…

10 mins to read

How Will Amazon Product Localization Drive International Growth

Expanding into new markets is every seller’s dream!  However, the key to successful global expansion lies in more than just listing your products in different locations.  To succeed in different marketplaces, brands must localize their product for the specific geographic location and target audiences.  Most sellers understand product localization as translating the product content to…

8 mins to read

Amazon On-Box Advertising: Boost Your Sales with Targeted Visibility

E-commerce brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to increase sales and reach a wider audience.  The standard sponsored product, brand, and display ads work fine, but advertisers need to test different experimental strategies to engage customers constantly. Amazon On-Box advertising is one such experimental strategy launched by Amazon in 2015.  In this unique strategy,…

5 mins to read