Keyword Research

Increase the product visibility on Amazon and stay on the top search ranks to sell better.

Keywords are the connecting dots between the shopper and your Amazon product listing.
A shopper reaches your product only if the keywords matches the shoppers search terms. Keywords, therefore, are the driving force that decides the rewards for all your Amazon business efforts. An extremely useful high quality product might even go unnoticed if the right keywords aren’t used in the listing.
Optimize your Amazon SEO and increase your search ranks by including keywords with high search volume and buying intent. Focus on the right keywords to successfully optimize your search ranks on Amazon. Increase your Amazon sales with keywords that will help you grab the top organic ranks. Also optimize your Ad positions by targeting the right keywords.
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  • Sales driving buyer keywords
  • Get recognized by the right shopper audience, and increase your chances of making a sale. Make more profits by using the exact keywords shoppers use to find your product online.

  • Uncover keywords that your competitors haven’t even heard of
  • For every keyword, SellerApp's Keyword Research tool pulls out all the relevant keywords and the variations so that you discover the best keywords to include in every part of your product listing; title, product description, bullet points and optimize each section of your listing for top search ranks.

  • Analyze the competition intensity
  • Understand the competition by going through critical data like the search volume, average CPC rate and the number of products indexed. SellerApp’s Keyword Research tool even shows the top products indexed for each keyword. This makes competitor research even more simple!

  • Amazon Trending keywords
  • The keywords that have seen a major surge in the search trends lately. These keywords indicate the search terms shoppers are interested in, that are the current trends. They can drive in a big deal of the current search traffic. The best addition to your product listing isn’t it?

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