Amazon PPC Campaign Performance

SellerApp's Campaign Performance helps you analyze and compare, side by side, the PPC metrics, and the sales KPIs for two different periods of time.

They help you understand the effectiveness of PPC marketing efforts put in for your product listing. Understand what worked and what didn't.

How to access the Campaign Performance?

Login to your SellerApp account > Click on PPC Analyzer from the Features menu on the right > Connect your PPC account if you haven't (hardly takes about a minute or two!) > Scroll down in the Overview page  

Amazon PPC campaign Performance Comparision

The metrics you should care about for a comparison -

If you are new to PPC campaigns or just figuring your way with PPC, you might want to | check out this handy guide on Amazon PPC abbreviations
Amazon PPC Terms Glossary

This section helps you compare and analyze the campaign metrics for different periods of time.

Before you start analyzing ads, you’ll need to ensure and fix the aim for running your campaigns.
Most Amazon sellers run campaigns are in either one of three stages listed below

  • A newly launched product is placed > Page 10. You can pay for PPC campaigns to get exposure for your product and place the products on Page 1. PPC campaigns eventually raise the organic ranks for the main keywords. That’s the halo effect; as you advertise and make sales using PPC ads, that tends to increases organic sales as well.
  • An existing product moving decent units can benefit from PPC Campaigns by adding to the number of units a product is selling. Eg. a seller who’s already moving 6-7 units per day can increase his sales per by running PPC ads for potential keywords which the product has low organic ranks.
  • An existing product making poor sales or no prior sales at all must start from scratch. The strategies for running PPC ads are similar to a newly launched product.

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