Guide to SellerApp’s product sourcing tool

SellerApp’s product sourcing tool, developed in partnership with Alibaba, will enable sellers to easily and quickly identify reliable product suppliers from across the globe. Finding the right supplier is a time-consuming process - SellerApp makes it quicker by doing the research you. The product sourcing tool processes supplier data from Alibaba so you get all your options at your fingertips. 

You can access the SellerApp product sourcing tool from:

  1. The SellerApp dashboard
  2. The SellerApp Chrome extension
  3. The ‘Free Tools’ dropdown on the home page (with limited features)

Product Sourcing Tool: SellerApp Dashboard

Product sourcing tool SellerApp dashboard

To start finding reliable suppliers follow these steps: 

  • Login to the SellerApp dashboard
  • Navigate to the ‘Product Sourcing’ section of the dashboard
  • Type the product keywords into the search bar and hit ‘Enter’
Search results on the SellerApp product sourcing tool

It’s that easy! The tool will show you the most relevant suppliers for a given keyword. To get more information about a supplier, you just need to click the ‘More details’ option to the right of every search result.

You can view critical product information about the product such as certification or material - other product-specific information will depend on the product and the category. 

You can also view detailed information about the supplier. This includes their order number and sales for the last 6 months, business type, lead time (number of days before the product is shipped), and their main product. You can also verify their user review score and check how long the supplier has been selling on Alibaba. 

Detailed overview of a search result on the SellerApp product sourcing tool

You can also refine the search results even further by using the following filters: ‘Your country’, ‘Supplier country’, ‘Minimum order quantity’, ‘Price range’, or ‘Product type’. When filtering by price, you can set a minimum and maximum amount. When filtering by product type, you can choose one or more of the given options:

  • Verified: When a Supplier's company profile, management system, production capabilities, product, and process controls have been inspected by an independent third-party institution, it receives the 'Verified' tag. 
  • Trade assurance: The trade assurance program is a service designed by Alibaba to protect consumers. Trade assurance protects the buyer if a supplier fails to meet the deadline or quality standards. If there is a dispute, Alibaba will act as a middleman to resolve it - this means that you can get your money back if your supplier does not honour the contract.
  • Ready to ship: Products that can be shipped within 15 days of order are categorized as 'Ready to ship'. They have fixed prices and shipping costs.
Example of a verified supplier with Alibaba trade assurance

Once you narrow down your search for the ideal supplier, you can directly visit their Alibaba store through the SellerApp dashboard by clicking on the ‘Visit on Alibaba’ option. You can then contact the supplier or immediately place an order. 

Product Sourcing Tool: SellerApp Chrome Extension

You can also find suppliers when you’re browsing the Amazon marketplace! SellerApp’s Chrome extension comes equipped with the platform’s powerful product sourcing tool. 

To discover suppliers while on the search results page, click on the SellerApp extension. Once the extension processes all the information on the search results page, you can expand individual results to find suppliers from whom you can source the exact or similar products. 

SellerApp product sourcing tool on a search results page

Similarly, you can look for suppliers while on a product page. After opening the Chrome extension, click on the sourcing option. You’ll be able to view the top three suppliers for the same or similar products. 

To get a detailed list of suppliers, click on the ‘View more on Alibaba’ button.

SellerApp product sourcing tool on a product page

Free Product Sourcing Tool

You can also use a free version of the product sourcing tool by following this link

The free version will only show you ten results when looking for suppliers. Users do not have access to the search filters while using the free tool.


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