Amazon Profit Dashboard

Get 100% accurate Amazon sales data using the the most powerful profit dashboard in the industry
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Profits on Amazon with SellerApp`s Profit Dashboard


Increase in Overall Sales


Reduction in manual calculation


More output delivered

Boost your Amazon Profit and Inventory Health

Amazon Profit Dashboard

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Sales Forecasting and Alerts

Cement your ranking and sales with accurate predictions

Gauge product demand ahead of time and get alerts to maintain your sales momentum. Identify trends, spikes, seasonality and opportunities by deploying our powerful AI-based insights to craft your sales strategy seamlessly.

Profit Calculations

Seasonal Trends Prediction

Empower your Business with Key Sales Metrics

Get the full picture and enable accurate forecasting with historical data. Use it to identify and leverage seasonal trends on Amazon. Generate insights from sales trends, data, and metrics to set the right targets and forecast future sales performance.

amazon sales performance data

Enriched Data Visualization

Double Up Your Efforts On The Right Products

Get a top-level overview of the products that are performing the best, bringing the highest revenue. View and analyse profit and loss scenarios, dive into PPC campaigns and evaluate your Amazon business finance for stronger product investment plans.


Fast Insights

Insights at the speed of thought

Monitor, manage and scale with ease. Enables you to get profit and inventory insights in seconds.

amazon profit data

Identify the profit killer

Eliminate the white elephant

Analyze the products that are costing you money versus the ones bringing you profits without having to manually dig through reports. All the sales and profit data are automatically calculated and put down in one place.

Key highlights

  • 24* 7 Listing Hijacker Monitoring

  • Quick Filters

  • Seamless Integration

  • Downloadable reports

  • 100% Data Privacy

amazon seller dashboard


Best-in-class Profit dashboard for Amazon business finance optimization

Make data-driven business decisions in no time. Visualize where you need to liquidate, improve listings or accelerate advertising to sell more.

Generate insights from sales trends, data, and metrics to set the right targets and forecast future sales performance.

  • The tool is built to fit your business goals perfectly and ensures tailored taxonomy. Customize the numbers to make the data work for you.
  • Know your Exact Amazon Profits with Zero Manual Efforts - All at One Place.
  • Filter and sort your products however you need it - on the Order, Revenue, Listing price, or even the date the listing was created, without even having to run through spreadsheets or write a formula.
  • View profit breakthrough from the topmost level to the SKU level enabling you to analyze where your real profits are. Use a variety of charts, KPI widgets, tabular columns, and pivot tables. Drill down into your data for the insights you need.


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