Profit Dashboard

Amazon profits at your fingertips with the most sophisticated Amazon Profit Dashboard

We know profit calculation could get really tedious, as your store grows, especially with the list of fees Amazon has. With less than 5 mins of set up, automatically calculate net and gross profit margins for each of your products. Make important business decisions with a granular view into the revenue profits and spends.
  • Compare historical profit data
  • Customizable reporting
amazon profit dashboard
Avoid costly stock-outs and storage fees with customizable inventory management alerts. Set metrics like sales velocity, stock quantity, lead times. Simply add your cost of goods sold, lead times, reorder levels and get notified whenever your inventory needs attention and SellerApp will do the rest.
  • Granular level inventory analysis
  • Smart inventory alerts
amazon profit dashboard
The better control you have on your data the more chances for success. Organize products with identifier tagging to group up products, however, you like to analyze products. With detailed data on the product trends, competition and reports, you have the exact data to know where your business is headed to.
  • Product Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
amazon profit dashboard

Looking to do more in Profit Dashboard

Get started with the All-New SellerApp Platform to get real insights into your Amazon Business
  • Know your exact profits
  • Accurately measure your spends and profits without digging into reports.

  • Manage your Inventory
  • Never go out of stock with the smart inventory management alerts

  • Increase your growth
  • Know the products in the right direction and the ones that need a work up

  • SellerApp Amazon Profit and Sales Dashboard
  • SellerApp make it easier to manage your Amazon business by providing accurate and near-real-time data on your spends and profits without digging into reports.

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