Listing Quality

Appealing listing with poor search ranks? High search ranks with no sales?

An alluring listing that does not reach the eyes of the shopper will not bring in any sales. At the same time, a listing with high search ranks that does not look attractive will perform very poorly too. The right combination of listing desirability along with product discoverability determines the complete success of a product.
SellerApp evaluates every Amazon listing based on two critical sale driving factors, the desirability of the listing and the discoverability. SellerApp compares the listings against standard benchmarks and assigns a logical listing score called the Listing Quality Index or the LQI.
  • Discoverability of the listing
  • SellerApp grades every product listing based on the visibility of the listing to Amazon shoppers. Factors that impact the discoverability of the product in an Amazon search are the search rank of critical keywords, search visibility, effectiveness of backend search terms, fulfillment choice and more.

  • Desirability of the listing
  • A product listing that does not look convincing to the shopper will never sell good numbers. Once a shopper is on a listing, the conversion points on a listing decide whether or not you get a sale. Attractive product images, relevant and convincing bullet points, good number of reviews, ratings impact buyers’ decisions.

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  • Competitor listing analysis
  • With in-depth analysis of the listing against benchmark Amazon SEO practices, analyze the listing strategies of the top competitors. Emerge as a winner by narrowing down niches with low standard product listings.

  • Alerts on listing modifications
  • Get notified on every moves made by competitor listings. SellerApp’s listing alerts keep you informed of competitor listing modifications. Get notified each time they improve their listing quality.

  • Discover product opportunities
  • Uncover potential products with good sales in spite of a poor listing. Carve your way into these product niches with a better listing and a quality product

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