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“SellerApp’s tools have helped me find a product to sell successfully on Amazon and also optimize my search ranks. What I wanted was an all in one Amazon tool.”

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Gauge your listings’ visibility in organic search

Analyze, identify, and bridge the gaps in your SEO strategy. Verify the organic search rank of all major product keywords. Check the status of your backend search terms with the help of a comprehensive keyword performance analysis and decide on a course of action.

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Recommendations based on proven product listing practices

Create effective product listings with the help of actionable insights based on proven Amazon listings practices. Get detailed recommendations to improve each metric lagging behind according to the A9 algorithm standards and perfect your listing.

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Convert clicks to sales with on-page analysis

Optimize your sales funnel and drive conversions with perfectly created product listings. Deep dive into the product title, bullet points, description, ratings, and reviews to identify areas for improvement with our AI-backed analysis.

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Listing quality score with real-world impact

A simple score on a scale of 1-100 to help you know the efficacy of your Amazon product listing. A score of 85 and above is considered good but there’s always room for improvement. Make data-informed decisions and follow SellerApp’s listing optimization recommendations to maximize your score and boost your sales considerably.

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Key highlights

  • Organic rank analysis

  • Backend deep dive

  • Competitor listing analysis

  • Follow industry standards

  • Detailed analysis report

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Rank higher with comprehensive listing inspections.

Find the SEO strength of your Amazon product listings and deploy actionable insights to boost visibility.

You don't need to dig through a mountain of data. SellerApp will instantly give your listing a composite score based on all the KPIs that matter.

  • You don’t have to waste time perfecting and optimizing your listing copy as we will do it for you. We will also make sure it meets Amazon’s standards and outpaces the competition.
  • We give you an instant composite score for your product listings. Couple it with our tailor-made solutions so that you can easily identify room for further enhancement if need be.
  • There’s none better than SellerApp to count on while building well-crafted product listings that will multiply your profits. Perfect your on-page strategy and improve your product’s discoverability.


  • What is the Listing Quality Index (LQI)?

    A score above 80 is good. LQI between 60 and 40 is average and a score below 40 is poor and needs immediate improvement.

  • Will SellerApp’s experts help me create high-quality listings?

  • How do I monitor a competitor’s listing?

    • Navigate to Product Intelligence
    • Click on Track Product
    • Enter the corresponding ASIN
    That’s it! You are good to go. To view the product’s LQI, just open the Listing Quality tool and select the listing.

  • Can I try out the tool before I sign up?

  • Can I use the Listing Quality Analyzer to monitor my competitor’s listings?

  • Which marketplaces’ listing does the Listing Quality Analyzer support?


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