Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.
Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.


Increase Sales with an Optimized Listing

The most complete listing quality analyzer in the industry. Examines the visibility along with the conversions.

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Amazon Listing quality checker

Discoverability + Desirability Analysis of your Amazon Listing


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Conversion Improvement


Increase in Organic Traffic

Our Amazon Listing Optimization Tool analyzes product listings against best practice strategies to provide listing optimization recommendations. With a comprehensive breakdown of the LIsting Quality Index (LQI), optimize your listing and track the progress too.

Optimize your Listing for Amazon. Delight Customers.

Detailed Audit

The Listing Quality Analyzer performs a detailed audit to understand your listing and how you could improve

Tailored Strategy

Develop a tailored Amazon strategy based on your specific goals and the improvements suggested

Optimize and Scale

Refine, optimize and scale your Amazon business strategies to increase sales

Expert Consultation

Our team of experts is here to help you outsmart the burden and dominate the Amazon marketplace

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Get a detailed look on how SellerApp can spike your Amazon sales

Strengthen the Visibility of your Listing

No salesperson could sell a product if there is no steady inflow of customers into his store. Amazon receives over a thousand million searches per month. How often is your listing found?

The Discoverability of your listing by a potential shopper decides if you make the sale or not.

The SellerApp’s Listing Optimizer analyzes the visibility of your listing for the keywords in your listing - verifying the search rank and the position of the major keywords, the status of the backend keywords as well as the listing status for a complete examination of the visbility of the listing in a search.

Amazon listing optimization tool

Improve the On Page Listing Conversions

What good could a hundred visitors to your listing do if you don’t have the right conversion strategies?

Having a good conversion rate is the foundation to high sales volume. The SellerApp Listing Analyzer examines the On Page factors of your listing - the title, bullet points, the social proof- the ratings and reviews, product description.

Be where your customers are by aligning your listing with their mindset. Be a brand your competitors envy.

Sellerapp product listing

Research and Analyze Competitor Listings

If you are still wondering how and why your competitors are outranking you, getting more sales. Find out right away with the Listing Quality Analyzer and the other SellerApp tools.

With in-depth analysis of the listing against benchmark Amazon SEO practices, analyze the listing strategies of the top competitors. Find out what makes your competitor’s product listing more desirable for a buy, the keywords bringing his listings the top sales.

Product listing optimizer

Track every change with the Listing Quality Alerts

SellerApp’s Listing Quality Alert keeps a track of the most important parts of your Amazon listing, keeping you informed of even the slightest change in the Listing Quality Index (LQI). Even track changes in your competitors’ listings!

The LQI constantly monitors even the smallest change as the indexing of your keywords, the status of your backend keywords or critical isuues like Amazon silently taking down your best selling listing, or even a stagnant review count. Any change that triggers the LQI is instantly notified to you.

Amazon listing quality tool

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Your Success Is Ours

When it comes to your success no other platform can match SellerApp’s focus and commitment. We take every measure to add value to your e-commerce enterprise.

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Our in-house experts will support you at every step of the selling journey. Our consultants will help define your strategies and fix what isn’t working for your Amazon business.

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Get used to around-the-clock support from our world-class customer success team. The solution to your e-commerce problems is just one email or phone call away.

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Keep up with the latest seller trends and upskill with training resources crafted for you and your team.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use the Listing Quality Analyzer to monitor my competitor’s listings?

    Absolutely! You can analyze your products, or a competitor’s, with our Amazon Listing Optimization tool.

  • How can I find out who my direct competitors are?

  • Which marketplaces’ listing does the Listing Quality Analyzer support?

  • How often does the Amazon Listing Optimization software check my Amazon listing?

  • I’m new to Amazon, I was asked to check this Amazon Listing Quality Optimizer. How will this help me?

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