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Team Management

Build your Amazon success team with Team Management on SellerPrime

With the Team Management on SellerPrime, you can:

  • Share a SellerPrime subscription with several users
  • Provide access to specific features on the SellerPrime dashboard

Where to find it?

Login to SellerPrime Dashboard > Click on your SellerPrime User Profile >  Team Mangement

SellerPrime Team Mangement

Frequently Asked Questions on Team Management

How do I add a team member?

You can add a team member to your Account on the dashboard. All you need to do is type the email address of the person and select the features that you’d like to provide them access to and send them an invite!
Note: The team member does not have to create a  new SellerPrime login Id and password

How do I remove a team member?

You can remove any team member clicking on the “delete” icon next to his/her name on the Team Management section.

SellerPrime Team Mangement


Can I share my subscription with my team?


Reach out to the SellerPrime team for more details in this regard.

Also, SellerPrime allows you to select the features each team member should have access to. You can invite a new user to join your team in the “Team Management” section of your SellerPrime dashboard.

Still, have questions?

If you’re a bit lost, hit up the help team or chat with us to find answers to your query.

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