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The next section in the PPC Analyzer analyzes the performance of each component in the structure of the campaign.
  • Campaigns
    • High performing campaigns
    • Underperforming campaigns 
  • Ad groups
    • High performing ad groups
    • Underperforming ad groups
  • Keywords
    • Promising keywords
    • Negative keywords
    • Underperforming keywords
    • High Performing Keywords
  performance sp-amazon-ppc-analyzer Learn more about Amazon PPC Campaign structure. This section is a more detailed overview into the performance of the PPC campaigns, with a comprehensive breakdown into the entire structure of the PPC campaign, the ad groups under the campaigns and the keywords under them.The search term report is analyzed to abstract

High Performing keywords

The number of keywords that are a combination of high impression, good click-through rate, high conversion rate and a low ACoS value. The high performing keywords generate the most sales making traffic. Learn more about High Performing Keywords

Underperforming Keywords

The keywords that are not bringing in good conversion rates. They are just eating away your PPC money without bringing good sales. Learn more about Underperforming Keywords

Negative keywords

Negative keywords are also a match type offered in Amazon pay per click campaigns that can serve as an ad filter, especially useful in broad and phrase keyword matches. The ad is not displayed for searches that is specified as negative keywords. Negative terms are specially useful in  Automatic Campaigns. Learn More about Negative Keywords

Promising keywords

Keywords that show a comparatively low impression rate. However those impressions have managed to generate clicks and conversions. The exact reason of why the impression rate is low is not really identifiable, but these keywords can generate good revenue and conversions if the flaw is fixed.  

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