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SellerApp's competitor products determine the biggest competitors to ASIN. Once you identify a product idea, track similar products to analyze the competition. Rather than searching for similar products in Product Research, SellerApp offers you a list of the top competitors for the product. Ease your search for identifying similar products and also the biggest competitors to the product.

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What to do next?

  • If you are tracking your own Amazon product, add the competitor products to your tracked product. Find the flaws in your competitors’ listings and work on improving them in your product listing to get a better advantage. Optimizing product listing not only increases Amazon SEO but also plays a good role in offering customer satisfaction. Track their sales and Best Seller Rankings. See the changes they are making and how they affect rankings with the Keyword Tracker.
  • If you are hunting for new product ideas, tracking competitor products gives you a better idea into the strategies followed by the biggest competitors in the market of the identified product idea.

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