Product Listing Best Practices For Amazon Sellers

Follow these best practices for putting up product listings and to improve your LQI score. Focus on each section and optimize them to see your listing quality index (LQI) go up.

Where to find the LQI  feature?
Login to SellerApp  > Dashboard >My Products > Tracked Products click on a tracked product > LQI

Bullet points - This section should clearly highlight your product features. These bullet points should include all the features that differentiate your product from the competitors.

Keep the sentences short yet descriptive. Bullet point section should have a clear answer to ‘Why should I buy your product?’

  • 5 bullet points are good to have. Create 5 benefit driven attributes.
  • Don’t be afraid to really fill them keywords!

One word of caution: If you’re really good at finding keywords and end up with a ton to use, don’t try to shove them into your bullet points.

Make sure that they are legible and coherent because customers read and rely highly on these bullet points when deciding to buy your product.

  • Begin each point with a capital letter
  • Write in fragments, without ending punctuation
  • Start with the most important and eye-catching feature then work your way down to less crucial terms

Product Description -

  • Make a crisp 150 + word, easy to read the description.
  • Include user guide and product specification.

Images - Images are extremely important. Images impress people right after they click your product list. Therefore they play a huge role in conversions.

  • Have 6+ HD images.
  • Have a white background for your main image.
  • Ensure images are at least 1000 pixels either in height or breadth

Fulfillment method - Amazon prefers FBA sellers over FBM sellers. FBA sellers get the buy box opportunities over the other sellers.

We’d recommend that you fulfill your products via Amazon FBA for better buy box wins.

Reviews - If the buyer is considering to buy your product, reviews have the power to close the deal for you. You can run an automated e-mail service, use Amazon Early Reviewer program, Amazon Vine program or make use of a third party review help service to gather initial reviews. The more reviews you have, the better.

Rating - For most product categories, the average rating for best selling product is always 4.5+ stars. A good number of reviews with 4-5 star ratings help you increase your product sales.

How does LQI help me?

You can use this feature for three major advantages

  • Understand where your product listing stands. A lower LQI score means your product listing is not very efficient. An LQI above 80 can be considered to be a good quality product listing.
  • Track your competitor products and sellers, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their product listings.
  • You can also use LQI to find products that have a good selling potential but a lower quality product listing. You can start selling these products and obviously get better sales by putting up a better product listing and using keywords that are better than the current listing.

What to do next?

A good product listing has value only when it includes all the necessary keywords to reach its potential buyer. Buyer keywords bring you the best profits.

Find the most profitable keywords for your Amazon Product under Product Keywords and Keyword Research. Add the product to the Tracked products category, head over to Product Keywords to find the most profitable keywords with high search volume among Amazon auto-suggested keywords and trending keywords.

Find the best keywords by filtering only the best keywords on the basis of Search volume and CPC rates.

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