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Effective product images stimulate a customer's imagination and inspire them to buy your product. Images are the first thing that impresses a shopper after they click on the search results. Images, therefore play a huge role in converting people.

6+ HD images

Evaluate your image quality based on the following criteria

  • The product occupies at least 80% of the image area
  • The product is recognizable
  • The product is focussed and well lit
  • Close up shots are clear and not blurred by shadows

In addition to providing quality product images, provide as many different images as possible. Many product categories allow for the inclusion of swatch images and alternate images. 5-6 images are good enough too. Amazon lets you have upto 9 images, use all of them.


Have a white background for your main image. The background for the other images are simple and clean and does not distract from the product.

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