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We Have Some Exciting News!

We are a month into the new year and we already have some exciting news. GoSeller 2021 is just a few days away, so make sure you free up your calendar. To kick off the new year, we are bringing together industry leaders to help you maximize your sales. It’s three days packed with sessions tailored for sellers looking to grow.  

On the product side, our keyword research tool is now available for 19 different Amazon marketplaces. No matter what the marketplace, and you can be sure that SellerApp has all the keyword data and insights you need. Before we forget, there are some exciting developments for Sponsored Products. Read on to learn more!

SellerApp Highlights

GoSeller 2021

We’re nearly there! Starting February 1, we are kicking off the three-day seller event engineered to help you boost your sales. Join the best in the business as they share their strategies to hit the 7-figure mark. Here’s a sneak peek into the event. 

February 1: Products and profits on Amazon: Everything you need to know 

February 2: The Amazon advertising masterclass: advanced tips for budding e-commerce sellers

February 3: Product listing deep dive: A+ content, buy box protection, and more

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Keyword Research Update

This 2021, many sellers are planning to go international to scale their business. E-commerce is booming around the world and it is the perfect time to tap into emerging markets. We at SellerApp are always looking to stay a step ahead. That’s why our keyword research tool has gone global. 

We are excited to announce that it is now available for 19 different Amazon marketplaces. We now cover all the European and North American marketplaces. Additionally, we cover Singapore, Turkey, India, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, and Brazil.

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Handpicked Content For You

Inventory Management: Tips To Boost Sales

Running out of stock can cripple your Amazon business. Keeping too many products in stock can quickly drain your capital due to inventory costs. Inventory management is all about treading that fine line to maximize your profits and minimize the risk of a stockout.

That is why we are sharing a few tips and tricks to help you with the balancing act. Join Sunitha Sundaran as she breaks down how an inventory management solution can maximize your profits.

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Amazon Updates

The new year is off to a bright start. Amazon seems to be rolling out two new reports for sponsored product ads – Search Term Impression Share and Search Term Impression Rank.

The reports were launched for sponsored brand ads in 2020, but some Linkedin users spotted that the report was now available (in beta) for sponsored products. We haven’t heard a word from Amazon about a full rollout, but we are excited to try out the new reports!

US Paycheck Protection Program

The U.S. Small Business Administration (UBS) has relaunched the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans for small businesses, including e-commerce ones. It is a financial relief program for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on payroll costs. You need to apply for the PPP loan by 31st March 2021. The funds will run out quickly, so make sure you apply ASAP.

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