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  • Why Amazon Ranking?
  • Why should you strive to be ranked higher?
  • How to outdo others and rank high?

Why Amazon Ranking?

Amazon Ranking because the visibility of the product to the customer is easily the most direct correlation to the sale of the product. It is a known fact that customers look up the products now on Amazon search bar three times more than on Google. This makes Amazon search the strongest tool of converting the customer from an onlooker to a buyer.

The cycle of ranking and sale is connected in an intertwined manner. Higher the ranking, more the sale and more the sale higher the ranking reaches. The rank list on Amazon is updated periodically and frequently, some even claiming up to being updated every hour. To summarise, Amazon Ranking of sales is the comprehensible scale of where the product stands in comparison to others in the same primary category. Lower the ranking, higher the standing. Number one ranked product is the leading selling item in that primary category.

Why must you strive to be ranked higher?

The attempt must always to be ranked high, as in the number should be as low as one can estimate it to be, because rank is the testimony of how your product is doing in a highly competitive marketplace like Amazon. Amazon Ranking will bear not only upon you present, but will affect the way in which the product performs in the future. However, a rank 1 only means that it was the most recent best selling product. The attempt in marketing should be such that the rank is good and is also consistently maintained in that manner.  

How to outdo others and rank high?

  1. Learning about the algorithm that governs the Amazon Ranking system is the key. The factors that make the A9 algorithm that Amazon uses have to be studied closely.
  2. Conversation rate (that is how factors like reviews by customers, the appropriate pricing, and the attraction through product photography work in favour of the product), relevancy (the product title and appropriate description of the seller’s product would deem the product relevant for a customer’s search), and customer satisfaction (the quality of the seller’s product and brand to create loyal and returning customers) affect the overall ranking and sale of a seller’s product.
  3. The best way to provide reasons to be ranked higher is by ensuring the above factors are in place and also learning more about the Amazon Ranking practices from Seller Central.  

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