Improving Amazon Targeted Advertising

Making the most of the best keywords

There’s much more you could do to optimize campaigns other than adding new keywords in your campaigns! Matching keyword type is currently the only filter Amazon provides for targeting audiences on Amazon.

First, let’s understand why targeting with match types is so important and how it could dramatically improve the performance of your ad results.

Targeting the right people with the right keywords is the key to a successful ad campaign.

Are you familiar with the traditional sales funnel?

Amazon Buyer Sales Funnel

People at each stage of the funnel have a different purchasing intent.

If you target someone in the “research” stage of the funnel, you will probably end with minimal results.

If you target someone in the “consider” stage, you’ll still probably fail.

We decided to test this measure. We ran two campaigns for the same product, one with just phrase match keywords and the other campaign with keywords that were learned to be profitable from the earlier campaign.

The results were dramatic.

The campaign with better targeting had ad costs but yet, it gained four times more clicks!

So here’s the take away for you,

Proper targeting will not only make your ads more successful, but it will also lower your overall cost of running them. This improves your ROI and boosts your bottom line.

Refining keywords based on the match types, taking keywords from phrase match to broad match type and to exact match type is the best you could do to smartly optimize campaigns.

Adding a long tail keyword as a narrow match type, you can cut down on the ad spends by eliminating the ineffective search terms, while at the same time improve the conversion rates owing to the high relevance of the keywords. Often the long tail keywords seem to have a lower search volume, but usually, the competition remains low, and your goal would be to convert for as many searches as possible by creating an converting listing copy and bidding effectively.

Why Exact match type is preferred to be the most beneficial?

Before this, make sure you understand the keyword match types, Understanding Amazon Keyword Match Types.

A staple of any Amazon PPC account is the use of exact match keywords, which would only serve an ad when a user’s search query exactly matched your ad keyword.

Exact match keywords prevent the display of the ad if the user’s search term didn’t exactly match the keyword you set up. Effectively, exact match keywords give you complete control over what search terms your ads showed for – the search term had to include those words, only those words, and in that exact order.

In the SellerApp PPC Analyzer, you can easily chalk down keywords that should be moved onto the Exact Match Type.

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