Amazon PPC Keyword & Campaign Summary

Amazon PPC Keyword Summary

Amazon PPC keyword summary

Keyword Summary shows the number of keywords in three performance buckets.

Positive - Keywords with the high conversion rate - low ACoS, high sales orders. These are the keywords that bring the most sales. Increase your bids for these keywords

Negative - Keywords that are inviting clicks but do not lead to sales. Track the performance of these keywords for about a fortnight and add them to the negative keyword list if they are not bringing in any sales.

Outlier - Keywords that do not have sufficient data to bucket them as either positive or negative. Continue to run campaigns for these keywords for some more time, about a week or two and check back the keyword performance in the Keyword Analysis feature.

Amazon PPC Campaign Summary

Amazon Campaign Summary

The campaign summary shows the number of keywords in Automatic and Manual Campaigns.

For the best results, it is good to start off with at least a minimum of 50 keywords. Narrow down the keyword list repeatedly in each optimization iteration, to remove the underperforming keywords. Increase the bids for the top converting keywords.

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