SellerApp Automation Rules – Overview

Automated rules are a set of actions that you can take across your PPC campaigns without human intervention. To run these automated rules, you’ll have to define what conditions must be met for your campaigns.

Automate your PPC campaigns with SellerApp

Changing bids shouldn’t be your full-time job. SellerApp’s automation rules will take away the complexity of managing your Amazon PPC campaigns. As an advertiser, you only need to input PPC metrics such as ACoS, orders, clicks, etc, and let our self-learning algorithms take over. Our proprietary software will analyze large amounts of data, keywords, bids, and CPC, and automates your bid optimization. 

How to find Automation rules?

Log in to SellerApp dashboard → Advertising → Automation

Amazon PPC Automation - SellerApp dashboard

At SellerApp, we enabled a set of automated rules that you can choose based on your campaign goals. 

  1. Money saver
  2. Day-parting
  3. ROI optimizer
  4. Performance optimizer
  1. Money saver

Money saver allows you to reduce wasted ad spend from low and non-converting search terms. With this automation rule, you’ll be able to reach your target ACoS by improving negative targeting.  

When to use this rule:

Use this rule if you have a fixed budget and you want to optimize your ad spend. 

  1. Day-parting

Have full control over your campaign's schedule with the day-parting feature. You can specify bid multipliers by day of the week or hour of the day.

When to use day-parting:

You can change bids during specific hours of the day like avoiding early morning hours to display ads. 

You can also run/pause your campaigns during the weekends or on special shopping events like Black Friday, Prime Day, etc. 

  1. ROI Optimizer

Use this rule to target a specific return on investment for your campaign. All you need to do is set a maximum target ACoS or a minimum RoAS and let SellerApp do the magic. 

Our machine learning algorithms will target your ACoS/RoAS benchmark and actively explore potential keywords in the campaign. The software automatically changes bids to reach your campaign goals. 

When to use ROI optimizer:

You should use the ROI optimizer if your primary goal is achieving a target ACoS or RoAS. Choose this rule if you are targeting to improve your campaign profitability.

  1. Performance Enhancer

Opt for this rule if you want to increase your visibility and conversions. SellerApp’s algorithms will allow you to optimize your bids to reach more potential customers and thus improving your conversion rates.

When to use Performance Enhancer?

Choose this rule if you want to generate more impressions and boost conversions for your products. 

Manual intervention

Adjusting your campaigns manually can affect the automation rules you set. So limit manual changes to your ad budget and keyword bids while automation is running.   

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