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Decode Competitor Strategies

Decode Competitor Strategies

Gain access to SellerApp’s database of over 100 million products and close to a billion data points. Analyze top-selling competitor items with ease and develop long-term plans that keep you ahead of the game.

Track product metrics in Real-time tracking

Track product metrics in Real-time tracking

SellerApp’s product intelligence tools track metrics like ratings, BSR, opportunity score, revenue, and more in real-time under an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Now, you can make quick, smart decisions in a jiffy.

Reliable Sales Data and Accurate Reports

Reliable Sales Data and Accurate Reports

SellerApp lets you set custom filter presets to fine-tune your sales data. Get personalized accurate reports on sales and revenue estimates, prices, orders, and more.


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Discover Your Best Selling Amazon Product

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Discover Winning Products with smart filters

With unparalleled context and depth into your Amazon data, our comprehensive data filters are built to help you find top Amazon products chosen with the best-prefiltered metrics. Automatically and instantly discover products that check off the major points in your Amazon product research checklist with just a few clicks.

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Instant Alerts to stay on top of the game

Never miss out on important updates as SellerApp keeps you informed about critical changes in the products you track as they occur. Get warning alerts for spikes and drops in the BSR, changes in the pricing, seller ratings, and changes made to improve the listing quality or a decrease in the listing quality.

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Product Intelligence with Product Tracker

You can gain insights into your competitor’s strategy and find out what changes are driving their product towards success. Is it the quality of their listing, the keywords used, or the trends in the market that's bringing them a good amount of sales? Use this knowledge to react quickly and strengthen similar product launches.

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Why do you need SellerApp?

With a product database of over 35 million and a product opportunity score, we provide a holistic approach to finding tailor-made solutions for what you need to sell.

Now easier than ever before, leverage progressive data analysis to develop a pragmatic go-to-market strategy. SellerApp’s customer-centric approach and data-driven tools are the best in the industry.

  • Accurately measure Amazon profits: Understand what drives your profits with real-time sales, costs & profit tracking for all your products.
  • Find your next Best Selling Product: Our revolutionary software scours product inspirations from a database of 35M+ products. Find best-sellers in your desired category to jumpstart your Amazon business.
  • Amazon Seller Product Opportunity Score: The Opportunity Score gives an exact picture of a product in terms of demand, competition, profit margins, revenue potential, overhead costs, and PIS (product innovation scope) index.

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