Underperforming Keywords

Under keywords that are not bringing in good conversion rates. They are just eating away your PPC money without bringing good Amazon sales.

How to clean up my PPC campaigns to reduce Underperforming keywords?

Sometimes a single keyword can bring down the performance of your PPC campaigns. Identifying them in a weekly manner helps you reduce the PPC costs at the same time increase the efficiency. However, especially if you are running a very large account, it can be very time consuming and requires a lot of efforts to identify the bad keywords in a campaign. The longer these killer keywords elude your attention, the more money you’ll waste and the more they’ll drag down the quality factor of your product ad.

  • Clean up inactive keywords which have failed to generate traffic or impressions.
  • After eliminating unnecessary keywords, start testing new keywords with the help of competitor research. Checkout SellerApp Product Keywords that can help you dig competitor keywords
  • Since new keywords are always rising, it is also important to be updated with the trending keywords. You can use SellerApp Keyword Research tool to easily track down and shortlist high performing trending keywords for a product

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