Product Research Metrics

For each product you see 9 metrics that are listed to the right of the product.
product research

BSR - The current sales rank of the product.

BSR gives you an understanding of the estimated sales. A product with a high BSR in that category definitely has better sales relative to the other products in the same category.
Learn more about Amazon BSR - Best Sellers Rank

Ratings and reviews - Indicates the number of reviews the product has got.

The number of ratings and reviews also have a great influence on the selling potential of the product. Reviews from top selling competitor products are a good way to gather customer requirements and information before you actually start selling the product. You can find useful information by reading through the reviews. If a particular product category has a commonly complained flaw, you can try fixing it before you introduce a similar product.

Price - The selling price of the product.
This gives you an idea of the profit margins you could make by comparing the sourcing costs and the current selling price.
SellerApp also helps you in your sourcing decisions. It offers you wide categories of wholesale manufacturers from whom you could source your Amazon Product.

FBA Sellers - The no of FBA Sellers.
This helps you understand the buybox competition. FBA sellers get the buybox advantage over the other FBM sellers. If the product has a very good potential and no FBA sellers, the product is absolutely a good bet for your FBA.
Learn more about Amazon FBA

Sellers - The total number of Sellers that are attached to the product listing. These are the hijacker sellers for the product listing . It includes both FBA and FBA sellers.

Daily Est. Unit Sales – How many pieces does the product sell per day? Understand the profit potential of the product. A minimum and maximum value estimate based on the total sales, observed for a year.

Daily Est Revenue – How much money does the product possibly make? The est. daily revenue answers this. This shows estimate revenue the product gets per day.

Revenue Potential – Is this my next Amazon product? Make easy decisions based on the sales and revenue potential.

What to do next?

Once you track sellers, add interesting products to your Tracked products. Set Alerts, check their listing quality, check out their keywords to understand demand and check more similar products to understand how profitable the niche is.


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