How to create effective Amazon Product Descriptions

Amazon’s rules and regulations for product descriptions are pretty simple.

  • Include only product-related information.
  • Write clearly and concisely.
  • Make sure the description matches your product images.
  • Testimonials or quotes of any kind are not allowed
  • No promotional messages or promoting other products except the product itself.

Tips on writing product descriptions for Amazon

Make it easy to read; crisp 150 + worded description

Often you see confusing, long product descriptions. Most shoppers don’t even put an effort in trying to read these long sentences. Take a look at the product description below.

The description does have all the information and is keyword rich, however, it does not compel a shopper to read it.

Amazon does allow some basic formatting in your product descriptions. Make the best use of the allowed formatting. Though there are a lot of arguments about what is allowed and what is not allowed in product descriptions. You can take a look at the tags and formatting allowed on Amazon that is on Amazon’s website.
Keeping in mind HTML can be a little techie and time consuming, SellerApp has created the Free Product Description Editor to create readable and well-formatted product description.

Talk about the benefits of the product

How often haven’t you heard of the words ‘best’, ‘top- quality’, and similar words. People just ignore them if they are the only highlighting features of the product description. Product Descriptions is where you can include the benefits of using the product. Since most of the benefits will be buyer search terms they strengthen your listing value.

Most people talk about product features in the descriptions too. Eg. the listing in the image below. It is rather beneficial to include them in the bullet points.

Optimize the Product Description for Amazon's search engine

Amazon does look at your product description for deciding the search position of your product in a search. However, you don't have to make an extra effort to make it keyword rich. The title, bullet points, and the backend search terms are given more importance than the description section, therefore, try including the maximum of the important keywords in those sections. The keywords that do not go into any of those sections can be added in the product description.


There is no good way or bad way to write product descriptions, however, they can be beneficial if it is keyword optimized for Amazon's search engine and follows the rules specified.

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Amazon Product Description Editor

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