Requirement for running Amazon PPC ads

What are the requirements for running Amazon Ads?

  • An active Amazon professional seller account.
  • For Headline Search Ads, enrollment in the Amazon Brand Registry .
  • Products must be new
  • Ability to ship to all US addresses.
  • For Sponsored Products, eligibility for the Buy Box. If you create a Sponsored Products ad for a product listing that is not eligible for the Buy Box, your ad will not display to Amazon shoppers. Headline Search Ads will be shown to shoppers regardless of who is winning the Buy Box.
  • The product must first be considered relevant for that keyword. The keyword is contained in the product information (for example, in the title).

If there is more than one relevant product for the search term, then you’ll compete for placement.

The placement position of your product ad is decided by two factors,

Amazon CPC    

The CPC price is the highest a bidder is willing to pay. Sellers bid on the CPC for a keyword.

Quality factor

The quality of an Amazon ad is measured by the probability of a customer clicking on it. This is comprised of the ad’s applicable click history, as soon as it’s been active for a while.

In summary, the higher your Amazon CPC bid, the higher your ad will be placed when you’re competing with ads of the same quality. In terms of quality, the higher the quality of your ads is, the lesser you’ll need to bid in order for your ad to appear in the first position.

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