PPC Analyzer

Optimize your Amazon Ads and increase your profits without hours in excel.

Quickly reach your target ACoS by going through the campaign data in minutes compared to the hours spend on the Search Term Report. Increase Ad ranks by betting on the right keywords and optimizing the keyword bids. Grab the top ad positions and invite sales making clicks with buyer keywords.
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  • Keyword Doctor
  • Reduce Ad spends by filtering out the non performing keywords. The smart filters in Keyword Doctor help you identify the high performing keywords as well as filter out the non performing ones against various criteria like the ACoS, click through rates, adspends and other critical data.

  • Quick Campaign Evaluation
  • Evaluate the performance by campaign,ad group and even by the keyword for the complete picture of the Ad campaign. Identify the successful campaigns with a glance. Differentiate the best campaigns, ad groups and keywords. Understand the overall performance of the campaigns, ad groups, keywords with the total sales, average ACoS, and other critical data. Better your ad campaign returns by the right evaluation of each campaign.

  • Smart keyword Filters
  • No more wasting money with non performing campaign and keywords. Discover the high performing keywords and the low performing ones with the smart filters in the Keyword Doctor. Prevent waste ad spends by finding negative search terms in campaigns. Identify the irrelevant search terms that are eating up your automatic campaign costs with smart filters in the Keyword Doctor. Filter out the negative keywords and the low performing ones without having to go through each keyword data or the search term report.

  • Intelligent campaign sugestions
  • Quickly understand what to do with keywords that are not performing well. Should you add them to your negative keyword list? Or are they emerging keywords that probably require some more time to start bringing in value sales and profits? Keyword Doctor helps you understand the status of each keyword in your ad campaign with intelligent suggestions for each search term to help you make the most out of your Amazon ads.

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