Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.
Welcome 2022! Limited 50% OFF on SellerApp Professional Plan.
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Outpace the competition with advanced PPC tools tailored for the ambitious Amazon seller. Our platform is designed to ensure long-term profitability by giving you granular and seamless control over every aspect of your advertising campaigns.

Quick, easy, and effective

ppc automation
Amazon Ads automation

Boost operational efficiency with rule-based algorithmic bidding. Automate your PPC bids and campaigns based on your profit goals.

Negative keyword optimization
Negative keyword optimization

Strategically restrict your PPC campaigns to reach your best potential audience. Eliminate wasted ad spend and improve ROI.

One-click keyword harvesting
One-click keyword harvesting

Discover top-converting keywords for your campaigns tailored according to your advertising targets.

Advanced analytics
Advanced analytics

Intelligent insights and recommendations to improve your Amazon PPC performance, allowing you to address issues with confidence.

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Maximize returns, minimize effort. Start automating your PPC campaigns now!

Goal-based, product-driven campaign optimization

Our self-learning tools will make it easy for you to optimize your ad campaigns based on your end-goals. Set your targets and use our machine learning algorithm’s data-backed insights to hit your goals. Clear and transparent data visualizations also ensure that you are always informed about the key indicators that matter.

Seamlessly scale your amazon advertising operations and save time, as well as money with our comprehensive data-driven approach.

Amazon PPC optimization tool

Eliminate wasted ad spend and improve ROI

Optimize your ACoS with one-click negative keyword and ASIN targeting. Our intelligent machine learning algorithms will show you the exact negative keywords that impact your bottom line.

While you eliminate wasted ad spend, you can also seamlessly add high-converting keywords. Use our auto-to-manual feature to discover top-converting keywords for your campaigns. Set target metrics to automatically find key customer search terms that are guaranteed to boost visibility and conversions.

amazon pay per click

Save time with advanced automation

Never miss a beat and boost your advertising efficiency with rule-based automation. Retain control over your campaigns and tailor our algorithms to your business goals by setting your desired parameters.

Then, sit back and relax, while SellerApp does the heavy lifting. Automate negative keyword targeting and bidding optimization to save countless hours, eliminate human error, and maximize your advertising ROI.

amazon advertising automation tool

The Beginner's guide to Amazon PPC

Watch the two-part introductory series with Ankita Nagaraj to set up and optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns. Master the jargon and get started with Amazon sponsored ads now!

We think our advertising solutions are the best in the industry. You don’t need to take our word for it though…

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“What took me 12 to 14 hours before only takes 2 to 3 hours now that I’m using SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Analyzer. The PPC Analyzer has allowed us to track, manage, and organize ads in a more efficient way than I ever thought was possible.”


7 Figure Amazon(US) seller

Optimal results, worldwide. Manage your campaigns across marketplaces with SellerApp!

Become a PPC wizard in less than an hour!

Say goodbye to scattered solutions

Launch, optimize, and scale with SellerApp’s all-in-one platform. Get the complete suite of tools you need to accelerate the growth of your Amazon enterprise.

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Your Success Is Ours

When it comes to your success no other platform can match SellerApp’s focus and commitment. We take every measure to add value to your e-commerce enterprise.

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Bi-monthly expert consultation

Our in-house experts will support you at every step of the selling journey. Our consultants will help define your strategies and fix what isn’t working for your Amazon business.

World-class 24*7 live support

Get used to around-the-clock support from our world-class customer success team. The solution to your e-commerce problems is just one email or phone call away.

Unlimited resource of knowledge

Keep up with the latest seller trends and upskill with training resources crafted for you and your team.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which marketplaces do the Amazon PPC Tool support?

    Currently, our ad optimizer supports marketplaces in over 13 countries including Amazon US. Contact us for more information.

  • Do you support managed services?

  • How many ad campaigns can I control with the Amazon PPC Optimization tool?

  • Can I use one SellerApp account for managing multiple PPC accounts?

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