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Our Amazon PPC tool equips private label sellers and brands with advanced PPC tools and an optimization strategy focussed on building a strong foundation that aims to ensure long-term profitability and sales of your brand(s) on Amazon.

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Amazon Integration
Seamless Amazon Integration

SellerApp pulls PPC data directly from your Seller Central, you’ll no longer have to export reports or manage tables

Data Filtering
Flexible Data Filtering

Sort and filter the data in a way that suits you the best. View your ad campaigns in daily, weekly, monthly or even a custom view

Data Control
Advanced Data Control

Our PPC optimization tool provides granular control to your data and ACoS, providing complete data control

Expert Consultation

Our unique platform combined with expert in-house consultation provides a comprehensive look into successful PPC optimization

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Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend by Negative Keyword Optimization

Watch your ACoS drop as you prevent unwanted ad spends on keywords that aren’t bringing sales. Strategically restrict your PPC advertisements to reach only to your best potential audience with the negative keyword optimization.

Our intelligent machine learning algorithms show you the exact negative keywords that could make a bottom line impact in your ad campaigns. By reducing wasted spend we increase your overall profitability.

Amazon PPC optimization tool

Explore Sales Bringing Top Keywords for Profitability

Ironic that over 82% of sellers' vote keyword optimization the toughest task in PPC optimization. Keyword optimization is the straight hack into optimizing campaigns with the best turnovers.

Our intelligent PPC optimization tool mines out the top performing keywords in your campaigns. Increase your ad visibility while you increase the effectiveness of your ad campaigns by making the most out of keywords working in your favor.

Tool for amazon PPC keywords

Increase Conversions By Improved Keyword Targeting

We offer deep insights into your PPC performance helping you narrow down to the best keyword match type offering optimal conversion rates and returns based on your current Amazon position.

Targeting ads to the right buyer audience is the most successful strategy for profits. Build an advanced optimization by targeting the right keyword match types and showing your ad to the right people at the right time.

Amazon PPC analysis

Beginner's guide to PPC

Watch the 2 PART series with Ankitha Nagaraj on setting Up Amazon PPC, Manual, Automatic Campaign, Amazon ACoS Calculation

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“What took me 12 to 14 hours before only takes 2 to 3 hours now that I’m using SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Analyzer. The PPC Analyzer has allowed us to track, manage, and organize ads in a more efficient way than I ever thought was possible.”


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Frequently asked questions

  • Which marketplaces do the Amazon PPC Tool support?

    Currently the SellerApp Amazon PPC Analyzer supports the Amazon US marketplace. Our team of developers are expanding SellerApp to the other marketplaces very soon.

  • Do you offer PPC Management Services?

  • Can I use one SellerApp account for managing multiple PPC accounts?

  • How many ad campaigns can I control with the Amazon PPC Optimization tool?

  • How secure is my PPC data?

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