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Simplify and optimize Amazon PPC

Start optimizing your campaigns the right way with next-generation machine learning tools and an advanced AI-backed Amazon PPC analyzer.

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Rule-based algorithmic bidding

Automate your bids and campaigns based on your profit goals. Leverage our flexible bidding, and let our predefined rule-sets automate everything for you. Set up multiple rules - daily, hourly, weekly, and monthly with our automation feature. Leave the heavy lifting for us so you can focus on growing your business.

Amazon Ad Automation


Goal-based, product-driven optimization

Our self-learning tools will ensure an end-to-end optimization of ad campaigns according to your business needs and help you achieve your goals (Launch, Grow, and Liquidate) in no time. Leverage the most robust ML-based algorithms to save cost, time and streamline overall Amazon ad campaigns.

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“We have been working with SellerApp for the past 3 months. We were managing PPC internally before we hired SellerApp. We have seen real improvements in our campaigns’ ROI during this period. Highly Recommended!“

Shoaib Alam, Financial Controller - Beet It USA


Eliminate wasted ad spend and improve ROI

Strategically restrict your PPC campaigns to reach your best potential audience with negative keyword optimization. Our intelligent machine learning algorithms show you the exact negative keywords that could impact your bottom line. Reduce wasted spending and increase overall profitability with SellerApp.

Sellerapp Amazon PPC automation


Find top-converting customer search terms

Use our auto-to-manual feature to discover top-converting keywords for your campaigns. Set target metrics to automatically find key customer search terms that are guaranteed to boost visibility and conversions.

search term analysis

Dayparting is an advertising strategy which lets you optimally consume the budget throughout the day to help you effectively reach your target audience when they are the most active, and maximize your conversions. It helps to increase the spread of your campaigns through the day to better utilize your marketing budget for high RoAS.

SellerApp’s dayparting feature helps to simplify this task by automating the entire process of manually splitting the budget thereby allowing to focus the time saved on other critical strategic tasks. Advertisers can select when and how to allocate their advertising budget at a campaign as well as at an account level.


Automated rules are a set of actions that sellers can leverage to streamline their Amazon PPC campaigns and meet their target ACoS without complex calculations. Under Custom Rules, users can manually set their bids, change their ad budget and adjust their rules even while the campaign is running. This tool will automatically find customer search terms from automatic campaigns that drive sales and add them to phrase match.


Tailored solutions to maximize Amazon ad performance

Organize your ads at the campaign level, ad group level, and keyword level to meet your end goals. Use our tables and graphs to track their performance against your target ACoS.

Measure the impact of your ad spend against your business goals. Use our intelligent insights and recommendations to improve your ad performance and fix the issues with confidence.

  • Bulk Actions: Save precious time with our all-new Bulk Actions feature. Create, manage and make changes to multiple campaigns, ad groups, and keywords with just a few clicks.
  • Account Snapshot: We provide a super fast way to gain insights into your Amazon ad account, campaign performance, ROI analysis, product portfolio, market share, conversion funnel, and more at one go.
  • Detailed KPI Analysis: Simplify your Amazon selling operations to the maximum with our highly efficient tools. Benefit from our SEO experts’ guidance in navigating through your business successfully.


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