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Identify profitable keywords, reduce wasted ad spend, and maximize ROI with SellerApp’s exclusive AI-powered Amazon ads optimization tool.



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The Ultimate Amazon PPC Optimization Tool for Sellers

Say goodbye to countless hours managing ad campaigns and hello to more profitability with SellerApp's all-in-one Amazon PPC optimization software.

Optimize Your PPC Performance

Gain a clear picture of your PPC performance. Dive deep into profitability analysis with SellerApp's Amazon PPC tool for insights that drive success.

Precise Bid Optimization With AI

Reach your target ACoS effortlessly. Set your ACoS goal, and let SellerApp's AI suggest optimized bids for keywords, ensuring better ROAS.

Bring Better ROAS With Automation

Say goodbye to manual ad optimization and utilize dayparting to automatically target shoppers at peak hours to boost conversion and maximize ROAS.

Unlock Full Advertising Potential with The SellerApp Amazon Ads Optimization Tool.


Reclaim Your Time With Ad Automation

Don't waste your time optimizing ads manually. SellerApp's Ad automation templates let you automate ad campaigns for different goals like Target Harvester, Down Bid Optimizer, ACoS Reducer, and more. Set up automation once, and watch SellerApp algorithms work their magic to meet your KPIs.

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All Your Amazon Data At Your Fingertips

Find out how well your ads are performing, where you’re spending money and the revenue share between different campaigns and targeting types.

Gain insights into advertising metrics through a range of widgets and graphs, providing a comprehensive understanding of the profitability of your advertising strategy. View and track the history of all your actions in one place.

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Actionable Insights To Scale Your Business

Access instant and actionable insights that can propel your brand to new heights. Simply establish your target ACoS based on your business goals, and our AI-powered tool will identify optimization opportunities to help you achieve those objectives.

Leverage the most robust Amazon PPC tools available to save costs, streamline your Amazon ad campaigns, and save valuable time.

best amazon ppc tool

Fuel Your Business Growth With the Top Amazon Ad Optimization Tool

One Feature, Countless Benefits!

Harvest Keywords With Ease

Transfer high-performing keywords from auto to manual campaigns to improve RoAS.

Rule-based Bid Optimization

Detailed Campaign Management

Advanced Dayparting

Seamless Bulk Actions

Global Marketplace Coverage

Multiple Account Access


Harvest The Winning Keywords And Lose The Rest

Uncover the most profitable keywords that are driving sales for your products on your automatic campaigns.

With a simple click, transfer these keywords to manual campaigns to gain better control, maximize your Return on Ad Spend (RoAS), and minimize ad spend.

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Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend And Improve ROI

Strategically curtail your PPC campaigns to reach irrelevant audiences with negative keyword optimization. Our AI-powered algorithms identify keywords that deplete your ad budget and impact your bottom line.

Reduce wasted spending and increase overall profitability by adding these keywords as negative keywords. .

amazon advertising optimization tool


Reach The Right Customers At The Right Time

Increase your ad effectiveness with SellerApp's powerful dayparting feature. Automatically set different ad budgets throughout the day to reach your target audience when they are most active.

Gain full control over when and how to allocate their advertising budget at both campaign and account levels. It reduces ACoS, maximizes conversion, and frees up your time for other critical tasks.

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Recognized As A Leader In The Industry



"SellerApp’s tools have helped me find a product to sell successfully on Amazon and also optimize my search ranks. What I wanted was an all-in-one Amazon tool."

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I optimize PPC advertising on Amazon?

    • Choose the right type of ad for your product and goal.
    • Research and select relevant keywords for your target audience.
    • Analyze your ad performance using metrics like impressions, clicks, ACoS, and attributed sales, and change the ad campaigns based on the data.

    You can experiment with different keywords, bids, placements, creatives, and targeting strategies to improve your ROAS.

    Fortunately, the SellerApp PPC Optimization tool provides an all-in-one platform where you can identify high-converting keywords, analyze ad performance and make data-driven optimizations to maximize your ROAS.

  • What is an Amazon PPC tool?

  • How do I get an Amazon PPC report?

    • Product Ad report
    • Campaign report
    • Search Term report
    • Product Analysis report

    Use these reports to make accurate data-driven decisions to optimize your PPC campaigns and grow your revenue.

  • How much does PPC on Amazon cost?

  • Is PPC worth it on Amazon?

  • What are the different types of Amazon PPC ads?

  • Which marketplaces does the Amazon PPC Tool support?


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