High Performing Keywords

High performing keywords are the keywords that satisfy a combination of high impression, good click-through rate, high conversion rate and a low ACoS value.The high performing keywords generate the most sales making traffic.

How to make the best use of high performing keywords in my PPC campaign?

Track the performance of these keywords for a specific period of time to ensure that are worth further research.  If the keywords are positively influencing your PPC campaigns, you can use them further to revitalize the product listing page and make their best use in the PPC campaign.
  • Use the keywords on the product listing page in highlighting sections like the product features or the bullet points. If they show a very high search rate you can even experiment including them in the title.
  • Generate more keyword ideas that are relevant and similar to the high performing keywords. Add them to the listing or in the backend search terms to increase visibility.
Aimlessly generating new keywords and testing them in your PPC campaigns will lead you nowhere. Carefully analyze and trace out the keywords that are performing well. Track down and record their data for over a month to ensure that the keywords are constantly bringing you good sales.

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