Amazon PPC Campaign Structure

For each product ASIN, you could run multiple campaigns; Automatic, Manual or both.

amazon ppc campaign structure

Automatic Campaigns

In Automatic Campaigns, Amazon identifies keywords from the title, description and other sections of the product listing to display ads for relevant search terms. Automatic Campaigns require fewer management efforts and keyword research, however, the product ad targeting is very poor, therefore the ROI is also poor. However, you can mine gold from Automatic campaigns by analyzing the high performing search terms and converting them into Broad matched manual campaigns.

Bid low for Automatic Campaigns as it may lead to higher costs due to irrelevant impressions and non-converting clicks.

Manual Campaigns

Manual campaigns require efforts in terms of keyword research and bidding but have a precise target audience, i.e. they drive more sales.

A manual campaign consists of one or more ad groups. Each ad group contains ads and keywords that relate to each other.

The keywords that you create for a given ad group are used to target your ads to potential customers.

Ad Groups

Under each campaign you can have ad groups where you target the keywords and define the keyword match type; Automatic, Broad, Exact or phrase match. Link to keyword Match types. Each ad group can have different objectives based on the advantages offered by each match type.
Eg. The broad match type can be used to mine for keyword opportunities to add to phrase match or the exact match campaign, whereas the exact keyword match can be used for a targeted ad placement to drive more sales and better ROI. link to ROI page The phrase match can be used when you want to optimize PPC keywords at the same time search for more data.

Keyword Match Types

Manual Campaigns also let you decide the keyword match types

  • Exact Match
  • Broad Match
  • Phrase Match

Learn more about Amazon PPC keyword match types.

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