Total Sales

total sales

This section represents the total sales brought in by the active campaigns for a product ASIN.

Tips for increasing the efficiency of Amazon PPC campaigns and thereby increasing your sales.

  • Use the SellerApp Free Amazon Keyword Tool to discover the top keywords for a product. Sort the keywords by search volume to identify the keywords that are popular among shoppers. Take into consideration the competition intensity and prioritize Amazon auto-suggested long tail keywords and trending keywords over short search terms. Long tail keywords bring in the most relevant traffic and are better sale converts.
  • Remove negative keywords that do not convert well. Negative keywords are the non-performing keywords that generate clicks but no sales. Constantly monitor, research and track search terms to identify keywords that have the most negative terms. Remove the keywords that have a high click-through rate but very low conversion rate.
  • Optimize the CPC bids to reduce your PPC costs. Compare your target ACoS with the actual ACoS to measure how well the ads are performing towards achieving your profit margins. With the right maintenance, research and management, you’ll be able to reach the targeted ACoS value within some time after you have activated your PPC campaigns.

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