amazon keyword research increase product visibility

Increase your Amazon product visibility

Amazon Keyword Search tool helps you understand the best keywords to use in your listing by giving adequate data for making this decision.

increase amazon product ranking

Increase Amazon product search ranks

Leverage AI-backed competitor insights to increase your product sales and revenue. Discover which keywords drive the most traffic for your competitor listing and implement them into your listings.

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Talk the language of your shoppers

Use keywords that are most searched by your potential customers. Increase the chances of getting a sale.

Does your listing have the top searched keywords?

Find out the best keywords for your product with this FREE Amazon Keyword Tool.

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How to use Amazon Keyword Research Tool

How to use the Free Amazon Keyword Search Tool ?

Type in the product name or the main keyword that describes your product


Use more than two words in the search bar, to get better keyword results.

Hit on the Search button to get top searched keywords list for your product


Consider the search volume and the CPC rate to choose the best keyword. The higher the search volume the better, and the lower the CPC the better.

What are keywords on Amazon? Why are they important?

How do people on Amazon start a search for their product? By a search! The search terms are the keywords. Keywords are the exact words or phrases typed by searchers to verbalize their item of interest. Keywords are the connectors from the shopper’s search bar to your product page.

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What are the advantages of using the right keywords?

Using the right keywords is extremely important for two reasons. It optimizes your product listing for Amazon’s search engine. Your product gets indexed for the keywords. Based on the keywords in the listing and the backend search terms the product listing gets displayed for a search with the keywords.

advantage of amazon keyword research

What next after shortlisting the best keywords ?

Keyword Tracking is just as important is Amazon Keyword Search. Tracking keywords help you understand where you stand in a search. Track your keywords to analyze which keywords are helping you rank better on Amazon’s search and the ones that need improvement. Also, track a competitor’s keywords or keywords from an interesting product or seller using SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword Tracking tool.

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Explore 1000s of longtail keywords with over 100+ results per search

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