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How to use the Free Amazon Keyword Tool?

  1. Type in the main keyword for the product in the Amazon Keyword Tool
  2. Tip: Use two+ keywords. Eg. 'Stuffed toys' instead of 'toys' brings in more relevant keywords

  3. The Amazon Keyword Tool automatically pulls out relevant product keywords
  4. Tip: Gather a list of keywords for your product and sort them based on the search volume and relevancy to shortlist the best keywords

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What can the SellerApp Amazon Keyword Tool do for you?

  • Increase product visibility by shortlisting best keywords

    Amazon Keyword Search tool helps you understand what are the best keywords to use in your listing by giving adequate data for making this decision.

  • Increase search ranks for your Amazon product

    High search ranks mean good sales. Increase your profits and sales with high performing keywords using the Amazon Keyword Search Tool

  • Talk the language of your shoppers

    Use keywords that are most searched by your potential customers. Increase the chances of getting a sale.

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What are keywords on Amazon? Why are they important?

How do people on Amazon start a search for their product? By a search! The search terms are the keywords. Keywords are the exact words or phrases typed by searchers to verbalize their item of interest. Keywords are the connectors from the shopper's search bar to your product page.

What are the advantages of using the right keywords?

Using the right keywords is extremely important for two reasons.
It optimizes your product listing for Amazon’s search engine. Your product gets indexed for the keywords. Based on the keywords in the listing and the backend search terms the product listing gets displayed for a search with the keywords.
Using the right keywords in your Amazon listing is like “speaking the same language” as the Amazon shopper. By matching the keywords in your listing, your product can be organically seen and recognized by the searcher interested in your space. The right keywords connect the dots between the buyer’s keystrokes and your product. Also, the shopper gets a clear idea of your product.

What do after shortlisting the best keywords from the Amazon Keyword Search Tool?

Keyword Tracking is just as important is Amazon Keyword Search. Tracking keywords help you understand where you stand in a search. Track your keywords to analyze which keywords are helping you rank better on Amazon’s search and the ones that need improvement. Also, track a competitor’s keywords or keywords from an interesting product or seller using SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword Tracking tool.

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Amazon Keyword Tracking

  • Track your product’s ranks and position for target keywords
  • Identify the top performing keywords that drive shoppers to your product
  • Detailed statistics for each keyword including search visibility, indexing information, search position

Amazon Backend Index Checker

  • Check if your product is indexed for all your major target keywords.
  • Identify the terms Amazon considers to be relevant to your product.
  • Easily identify non-indexed keywords. Optimize them to rank higher for long tail keywords.

Amazon Listing Quality Checker

  • Assigned an LQI - Listing Quality Index Score for each listing Multiple data points checked to score the LQI. The title, bullet points, product description, search visibility, backend search terms and more
  • Is your product visible to potential buyers? Analyze your product discoverability with the SellerApp Listing Quality Checker.
  • Do you have a converting listing? Understand the desirability of your product listing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s quite simple to do an Amazon keyword research with SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword Search tool. Enter a related keyword your Amazon product in the Keyword research tool. You get a huge list of recommended keywords for the product that are Amazon Auto suggested and/or trending keywords based on the search volume, CPC, number of indexed products, competition intensity and trending months.

There are no strenuous keyword research hacks for finding the right keywords with high search volumes during your Amazon keyword research phase. Amazon’s High search volume keywords can be found on SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword tool. SellerApp gives you the best keywords and phrases that you can use in order to bring your products on the top organic search results on Amazon’s search results.

Not really. The sales of products on Amazon can be greatly improved by keyword Research Optimisation. A number of sellers quit working with amazon because they suffer a huge amount of loss in the early stages of their business, so they have no courage to carry the business forward.

The solution to this problem is SellerApp’s Amazon Keyword search tool. Amazon Keyword Research tool will help you in finding the best keywords for your product listing and thus, will help you in increasing your sales by a healthy margin.

Amazon keyword research optimization and appropriate Amazon keyword indexing is the way to get on Amazon's recommendation list. SellerApp offers you Amazon Keyword Search tool that can help you in getting into Amazon’s recommendation list. Also track your Amazon keywords regularly to get better over time. For more Amazon keyword tips - check out this article - Amazon Keyword tips for increased search visibility and conversions

Yes, Amazon product ranking plays a very important role in selling your product on Amazon. Top ranked products always appear on top of the Amazon search results. Out of various other similar products, the buyer clicks on the top result( a psychological fact) and thus ends up in buying your product that is listed on the top. Thus, the sales of your product increase by many times. So it is very important to optimize your product listing effectively with the right keywords so that your product appears as the top search result on Amazon.

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