How To Get Amazon Seller Quality Alert? Explained

Amazon Seller Business Alerts

Success on Amazon is achieved by two ways

  1. Track competitors. Analyze their strategies and performance.
  2. Constantly track and improve your Amazon KPIs.

Use alerts to stay proactive. Track several key areas of your Amazon business without any hassle by setting alerts.

Alerts can be set on four important parameters of your Amazon business –

Listing Alerts for low LQI

If you experiment with your copy often, make sure you track your listing quality index to know if your listing quality is improving or not. You can set this alert on your competitor’s product as well to check how often they optimize their listing.

Pricing Alerts for changes in the pricing

Buybox alert typically can help you stay competitive and informed of your competitor’s pricing strategy to help you change your own.

Rating alerts to track low ratings

Once you set this alert, SellerApp sends you a notification whenever you get a negative review. Give great customer service by controlling the damage done by bad reviews with a quick acknowledgment or an apology. Set an alert and send a timely response to your customers.

Inventory Alerts to track your Amazon product stocks

Don’t wait until the last minute to stock up. Choose a suitable threshold and set alerts on your inventory that will give you enough time to plan ahead.

How to set Quality alerts

Step 1: Go to SellerApp Dashboard

Step 2: Select the Amazon product from the drop-down.

If you don’t find the product in the drop down. Add the product’s ASIN to track it.

add product

SellerApp lets you set alerts for Price, Listing, Rating, and Inventory.

Step 3: Click on the Set Alert button

Step 4: Select a suitable range and threshold

The alert notifications are sent to your mail inbox every day.
If you have set alerts for your Amazon product, take necessary actions each time there is an alert that may lead to loss of sales. If there are alerts from your competitor products, take counter actions to make the best use of your competitor product alert.

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