ASIN Index – Amazon Listing Optimization

The easiest path to the page is to put the ASIN in any Amazon search box. Typically all products on Amazon, that have a unique product listing are ASIN indexed.

How to manually check for ASIN indexing on Amazon?

  • Input the product ASIN in the search box
  • If the product is indexed for the ASIN, it displays the product
results indexed asin index
  • If the ASIN is not indexed for the product, then Amazon displays the following methods

ASIN de-indexing can be due to various reasons. One of the major reasons noticed is ASIN merges.

In an attempt to clean categories and or product groups, Amazon continually attempts to merge what they believe to be similar/same products as well as parent to child relationships. This can cause ASINS to be changed. One moment your product is linked to ASIN “B00xxxxxx1” and the next moment your product is linked to “B00xxxxxxxx2”, leaving the previous ASIN returning no data.

Other than Amazon directly merging ASINs, vendors also can request for an ASIN merge.

When you merge ASINs together – the unauthorized reseller’s item will go into the “Other Sellers” and “Sold by” section on the product page. This cannot prevent them from selling the item, but typically brand names carry more authority in the marketplace, so it will take their listing off the search results page.

Typically, Amazon also merges the reviews of both the ASINs irrespective of the product for which the reviews were made.
Check your inbox to see if you have received email notifications for ‘ASIN merge’. If not contact Seller Central and query the issue to seek the exact reason.


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