Understand Product Tracking Limits In your SellerApp Account

Each plan on SellerApp has different product tracking limits.

  • Basic -  25 Products
  • Professional - 100 Products
  • Business - 250 Products
  • Enterprise - 500 Products

You could, however, purchase 10 additional product tracking limits in your Pro plan for $10, on immediate request.

The product limits for your subscribed plan can be checked on the Tracked Products feature

SellerApp Product tracking limits

Unique Products - The total number of products tracked in your account, including the deleted products for the current month's billing cycle

Active Products - Currently active products

Plan Limits - Total number of products tracking limits available in your current subscription

Resetting the product limits

You could also reset your product limits by deleting the current tracked products in your account.

delete products on sellerapp

The limits are reset on the next billing cycle. The newer limits/number of deleted products are marked in red in the Tracked Product feature, like the 16 deleted products in the image below.

reset product limits sellerapp

If you still have questions about any of this information, please feel free to reach out to our Team at sales@sellerapp.com or ping us an immediate message on the live chat.


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