Increase Your Advertising Sales on Amazon
Increase Your Advertising Sales on Amazon

Amazon Reverse ASIN Search Tool

Dig your Amazon competitor seller keywords with Amazon Reverse ASIN

Find the exact keywords used by your competitors

What does the Amazon Reverse ASIN search tool do?

Dig in competitor keywords

Get hundred of keyword suggestions extracted from competitor product listings

Increase search ranks and product visibility

Amazon Reverse ASIN is the best competitor keyword lookup tool. Find high searched keywords from competitor listings

Accurate data to shortlist the best keywords

Detailed data for every keyword including the search volume, keyword type and the CPC rates to shortlist the best

Dig your Amazon competitor seller keywords with Free Amazon Reverse ASIN

SellerApp Tutorial

How to use Amazon Reverse ASIN Tool

How to use the Free Amazon Reverse ASIN search tool?

Copy paste the product ASIN or the product URL from Amazon to the Amazon Reverse ASIN search tool

SellerApp-tip Tip: Amazon ASIN is the 10-digit unique identifier associated with every product on Amazon

Hit the Search Button and the Amazon Reverse ASIN search tool automatically pulls out the keywords from the listing

SellerApp-tip Tip: Comply a keyword list based on 4-5 top competitors for a more vast keyword list

What is the Amazon Reverse ASIN search tool?

The Amazon Reverse ASIN search tool is a competitor keyword lookup tool that digs out the keywords in an Amazon listing. Copy paste the product ASIN or the URL into the Amazon Reverse ASIN search tool. The Reverse ASIN tool extracts all the keywords that are in the product listing and the keywords that the product is indexed for.

Why use the keywords in my competitor listings?

Competitor analysis is an essential Amazon strategy. Competitor Tracking and Analysis can provide a deeper insight into the product and the customer audience.
Superior knowledge from your competitors can be leveraged to your advantage. Don't stop with tracking and extracting your competitor keywords using the Amazon lookup tool. Track their keyword ranking, repricing strategies, product additions periodically to understand where you stand in comparison to them.
One question we often receive from our customers is `I'm not indexed for this keyword whereas my competitor is.. Why? Both of us have the same keywords
To start with the extreme basics, keyword indexing on Amazon is influenced by several factors. Each component in the product listing has got a hand in keyword indexing and sales.

Top factors that influence Amazon indexing and sales

  • Conversion Rate

    Price, Sales volume, BSR - best seller ranking, customer reviews, answered questions, time on page, page views, buy boxfrom yournce rate

  • Listing Quality

    Image quality, title keywords, bullet points, product description, specifications, keywords, search terms, category, and subcategoryCustomer Satisfaction and Retention

  • Customer Satisfaction and Retention

    Seller feedback, order processing speed, in stock rate, perfect order percentage, order defect rate, exit rate, packaging options

Explore 1000s of longtail keywords with over 100+ results per search

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