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How to use the Free Amazon Listing Quality Check Tool?

  1. Copy paste the product ASIN or the Amazon product URL to the Amazon Listing Quality Check tool
  2. Tip: ASIN is the 10-digit unique identifier associated with every product on Amazon.

  3. Hit on the Search button to analyze the quality of the product listing
  4. Tip: Copy paste the ASINs of the top sellers and competitors of your product niche to analyze their listing.

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What does the Amazon Listing Quality Check Tool do?

  • Strengthen your Amazon listing quality

    Evaluate your Amazon product listing against recommended industry standards to optimize Amazon listing for profitable sales

  • Understand the listing strategies of top sellers

    Take inspirations from top sellers in your niche. Understand what are they doing right in their listing to get it as your advantage

  • Discover the weaknesses of your competitor product listings

    Turn their ignorance into an advantage by analysing their product listing to see where they lack.

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SellerApp’s Amazon Listing Quality Check Tool helps you by assigning an objective listing score - LQI, listing quality index to every Amazon Product Listing based on different factors that influence the Amazon Search and the customer satisfaction. The listing areas are evaluated based

How does Amazon decide which listing should be prioritized over others? In other words, how is your page rank assigned?

“Once we determine which items are good matches to the customer’s query, our ranking algorithms score them to present the most relevant results to the user“ - Amazon

Top factors that are affected by Amazon listing optimization

  • Relevancy
  • Conversion Rate/ Sales
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Retention
Relevancy factors influence the Amazon Search Rank algorithm. Is the product relevant to the search terms that were entered in the search bar. The order in which the products are to be placed, etc.

Listing Improvement breaks this down into 7 major areas of your listing

  • Keyword placement
  • Bullet points
  • Description
  • Fulfillment Choice
  • Number of images
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
Amazon has set standard guidelines for the best practice listing optimization. The quality of the listing is compared against this recommended standard by Amazon for each of the factors and a logical listing quality score is assigned to the listing which we call Listing Quality Index or the Amazon LQI for your product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Listing Quality Check is a tool which helps you in knowing the ranking of your products among other similar products on amazon listing. Amazon Listing check uses Amazon stats data like seller ranking on amazon and other things in order to predict the listing rank of product.

SellerApp has a tool known as Amazon Listing Quality check which assists you in finding out how can you improve the listing of your products on Amazon.

Listing score on amazon can be improved by giving to the customers the best product for the cheapest price possible. The ratings and reviews of the products also matter a lot when you are selling the products on amazon.

One way by which you can improve your listing rank on amazon is by matching the right product, with the right price and the right customer service. SellerApp can assist you in optimizing these three components together so that you can receive a great listing rank for your product by increasing the listing score of your product.

Top factors that affect your listing on Amazon are -

Conversion Rate/ Sales

Customer Satisfaction and Retention


Description given for the product

Backend keywords used for selling the product

SellerApp helps you in increasing your product score on Amazon by assigning an objective score to your amazon product listing which indicates areas of improvement based on customer satisfaction and relevancy. After knowing this score, you can improve the Amazon listing quality of your product in order to improve your Amazon Listing Quality.

SellerApp can help you in knowing the Listing score of your product through Amazon Listing Quality check and will also assist you in improving Amazon Listing Quality by giving you personalized suggestions on how you can improve the Amazon Listing Quality of your product.

Bullet points are very important for selling a product on Amazon. Bullet points are like the interview of your product listed on Amazon and the first impression should be good, so you should try your best to make your Bullet Points count. If you don’t get your bullets right on Amazon product description, your potential customers on Amazon will quickly turn around and look for other seller’s product.elsewhere. As product relevance is important, SellerApp fFocuses on building your bullet points such that they are the only thing a potential customer needs to read to be convinced that your product is the right product on Amazon to buy rather than other similar products.. SellerApp’s Amazon Listing Quality tool helps you in finding out how you should shape your bullet points in order to convince the audience. As per the Amazon guidelines, this enhances the seller listing.

SellerApp’s Amazon Listing Quality check uses various complex algorithms and statistics data in order to find out the listing quality of the product and makes it effortless for the potential customers to find out various details relating to their listed products on Amazon. SellerApp’s Listing Quality check also aids the potential consumers in finding out the various aspects that can help you in increasing the listing rank of your product and thus help in increasing the sales of the product.

The fee charged by Amazon varies from product to product. Sometimes the variation can also be of a high difference. For example, if you want to list some beauty and health care products on, it charges following for these products for listing on Amazon-

$3000 Crest

$3000 L'Oréal

$500 Maybelline

A listing is fixed and shared by all sellers. If the listing already exists and is associated with a UPC, you cannot create a separate listing. When sellers want to sell an item that already exists (a listing, or ASIN), you may create an Offer against the existing listing.

If the product you are selling is materially different than the listing that appears in the search when you enter the UPC, you are out of luck. The only way around that is to get a UPC exemption from Amazon

If the product you are selling is the same as the existing listing, but you want to create a different duplicate listing (for whatever reason), that is not allowed and can get you suspended from Amazon.

Product listing grader helps to find out the quality of listing of the products listed on Amazon. For example, a product with more detailed description will appear more often in top search results and the product with less description will be graded below that.

You can know the quality of ranking of your products and compare it with other competitors listing by knowing the Listing Quality Score of your products. Listing quality depends on the content that you have added in your description and the quality you are offering to potential customers in terms of after sales service, quality of the product, etc.

If you want to know the quality of listing of your product along with the rankings for your listings, you can check out the Amazon Listing Index tool of the SellerApp which will help you in optimizing the quality of your listing.

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