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Amazon Sales Estimator: Find the Sales Volume Effortlessly

Calculate the sales volume of any Amazon product effortlessly

Accurately analyze how many units you and your competitor would sell

What can the Amazon Sales Estimator do?

Discover profitable categories
Discover profitable categories

Understand how many units a product sells in each category. The sales volume for a particular rank differs in different categories. Track down niches and categories with the best sales potential.

Analyze the competition
Analyze the competition

Know how many units your top competitor sells. Analyze how many units you must sell to reach on page 1 for the top product keywords. Know the exact numbers that will help you extract the complete product potential.

Calculate the sales volume of any Amazon product effortlessly Free Amazon Sales Estimator

How to use the Amazon Sales Estimator?

Select an Amazon base category

Enter the sales rank of a product into the Amazon Sales Estimator

Select A Category

Do you have an optimized Listing?

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Amazon Sales Estimator?

    Depending upon the category of the product you or your competitors sell, Amazon sales estimator provides you a rough estimate of the number of products that can be sold in a day.

  • How does the Amazon sales estimator work?

  • How do I find Amazon’s sales rank?

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