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Amazon ACoS calculator

Plan your PPC campaigns for the best profits

Calculate the product profitability, break-even ACoS and the Target ACoS for a profitable product launch

What can the Amazon ACoS calculator do?

Make intelligent PPC Ad decisions
Make intelligent PPC Ad decisions

The ACoS calculator helps you understand the exact profit points - the break-even ACoS and the profitability of the product to determine whether to increase or decrease ad bids to optimize your PPC campaign.

Determine the exact point below you’ll be at loss
Determine the exact point below you’ll be at loss

Majority of Amazon sellers end up spending an excessive amount of a loss while running PPC campaigns. The Amazon ACoS calculator calculates the exact ACoS point - the break even ACoS below which your ppc ads are running at a loss.

Interpret if the product is priced right
Interpret if the product is priced right

Determine the right pricing point for your product by taking into consideration all the factors that affect your overall profits and sales.

Plan your PPC campaigns for the best profits using Free Amazon ACoS Calculator

How to use the Free Amazon ACoS Calculator?

Enter the ASIN of the product or the product URL

SellerApp-tip Tip: If your product is not yet active, go to Amazon and cop

Enter the manufacturing cost, shipping costs, and the target profit margin for the product

SellerApp-tip Tip: If you are not sure of the numbers, go for an average number or check Alibaba for an average price

Analyze the product profitability without even launching it

Is my ACoS value good enough? Are they too high? What should be my target ACoS? - are questions we often come across from our customers.
Have a product in mind? Find a similar product on Amazon, copy the Amazon ASIN and paste in the Amazon ACoS calculator. The Amazon ACoS calculator takes into account the major Amazon selling fees to understand the product profitability.
  • Amazon FBA fees

  • Manufacturing cost

  • Shipping fees

  • Ad costs

  • Product Profits

  • Profit Margins

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Amazon PPC ?

    Just like Google, Amazon helps to increase the product awareness by setting up PPC ads. Amazon PPC ads are an excellent way for a new product launch to get into the limelight and gather the initial product movement. For seasoned products, PPC ads help to hold onto the top spots.

  • What is Amazon ACoS?

  • What is a good ACoS value for a product?

  • What is the ideal profit margin for an Amazon product?

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