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Get instant insights into the profitability of your ads

Create measurable PPC goals by estimating break-even ACoS and target ACoS

Eg: B0721GGGS9, B07H7JFCVH

Determine product profitability

Determine product profitability

Find out whether a product is worth the effort even before launching it. Get critical data based on product price and various Amazon selling fees.

Enable data-informed PPC ads

Enable data-informed PPC ads

Let numbers lead your PPC choices. Easily identify your target ACos and find the break-even point to inform your PPC choices.

Instant results

Instant results

Estimate advertising costs on Amazon at one-click by adding a product URL or ASIN. It is simple, easy, and accurate to use.

Plan ahead and maximize your profits with our Amazon ACoS calculator

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How to use Amazon ACOS Calculator

Here’s how you get started

Enter the ASIN of the product or the URL of the product’s Amazon page


Tip: Can’t find your product on Amazon? Try a similar product to make data-informed predictions.

Add the manufacturing and shipping costs and set target profitability to get accurate results


Tip: Not sure about the exact cost price? Find the product using SellerApp’s sourcing tool and identify an average cost.

Analyze product profitability in an instant

SellerApp’s ACoS calculator analyzes all the costs involved in selling your product before giving you the results. This ensures you get an accurate estimate of your advertising costs and profitability on Amazon.

Have a product in mind? Run the numbers and determine profitability with the free ACoS calculator.

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