What can you do with the Trademark Search?

Search the USPTO and EUIPO database for Free

Search the USPTO and EUIPO database for Free

Search the database for registrations and applications for trademarked products. Save the expense of applying for a trademark in which you will likely not receive a registration.

Complete Data Access with the Trademark Search Tool

Complete Data Access with the Trademark Search Tool

Access trademark pictures, number, application time and trademark status of applicants and registered marks.

Instantly check the availability of your brand name, logo in one quick search using Trademark Search

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How to use Amazon Trademark Search

How to use the Free Trademark Search?

Toggle and choose between the US patented trademarks and the Europe Trademark in the Trademark Search to choose the trademark records

Enter the search term/ trademark that you are looking to get branded. The Trademark Search picks up all the trademark records associated with that term. Active and inactive.

Register your business brand, slogan or logo for a trademark on Amazon Brand Registry and get better brand protection on Amazon.

Amazon typically supports Amazon Brand Registered Sellers in case of a listing infringement or hijacker attack. Amazon also provides additional brand registry support, search tools and reports to Amazon Brand Registered Sellers.

Stay one step ahead and do your diligence before launching your brand with a trademark. Stay wary of trademark infringement issues. Trademarks are critical assets. Consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by trademarks. Distinctly identify your business from competitors.

Why are online brand protection, and trademark infringement on Amazon a big deal?

If the brand that you sell has an infringing trademark, the owner of a similar trademark might file a lawsuit. You may be sued and forced to pay damages and give up rights to using the trademark, wasting your effort, time and money.

Sellers on Amazon are not allowed to create listings or brand pages that infringe trademark rights.

Risk confusion in the marketplace where someone confuses a different brand with yours.

Choosing a high-risk trademark might end up absorbing your sales or sometimes worse reduce your brand value by selling similar but poor quality goods/services.

Explore 1000s of longtail keywords with over 100+ results per search

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