Tips to write effective bullet points on Amazon

In this article, we are going to uncover the main aspects of bullet points and provide you with some useful tips to write them effectively.

Amazon bullet points should clearly highlight your product features. These bullet points should include all the features and benefits that differentiate your product from the competitors. Keep the sentences short yet descriptive. With effective bullet points, it is easy to gain the attention of your customer, thereby, increase your product visibility and conversions.

amazon bullet points

Tips to write effective bullet points

Bullet point section should have a clear answer to ‘Why should I buy your product?’

  • Bullet points should have good readability. Start with the most important and eye-catching feature then work your way down to less crucial terms.
  • Learn what your customers want. As a seller, your job is to let them know that your product solves their pain points. In case, you want to learn more about your customers’ issues, then reviews are a great way to understand.
  • Begin each point with a capital letter.
  • Write in fragments, without ending punctuation.
  • Include call to action words in your points.
  • Never mislead your customers about your product while trying to make your product attractive. It may result in negative reviews.
  • Did you make any recent changes to your product? Don’t forget to update it in the bullet points of your product listings.
  • 5 bullet points are good to have. Create benefit-driven attributes.
  • If you have improvised your product to differentiate it from the products that are currently in the market. Make sure that you include those features in the product features section.
  • Don’t be afraid to really fill them keywords!

One word of caution: If you’re really good at finding keywords and end up with a ton to use, don’t try to shove them into your bullet points. Make sure that they are legible and coherent because customers read and rely highly on these bullet points when deciding to buy your product.

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